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A Tantric approach to Life Counselling and Relationship Harmony
Established in 2006

Sanctuary of Tantra June Newsletter

Namaste and welcome to another month at the Sanctuary.

The Couples Tantra Retreat was recently held on the 15th and 16th May and was a fabulous weekend attended by fabulous couples!  Held at the beautiful Serpentine Retreat Centre, we were all blessed with perfect weather.  The weekend was packed with so many exciting Tantra concepts from Tantra philosophy, grounding, breathing, couples heart connection not to mention two wonderful special guest speakers, Master Alex Lim teaching Qi Gong and the TAO and Helen Frost, Australia's Leading Nutrition Educator.  I have no doubt that all who attended definitely had their "eyes opened" into the ancient practice of Tantra.  The core essence of Tantric practice is love, going to the heart of it and stripping away the veil of illusion, getting back to basics and simplicity and embracing what is REAL.  Love is real and sometimes in relationships we get so caught up in our negative thoughts of resentments and constantly being analytical that we lose focus of the truth of it all, that little word we call LOVE.  Love makes the mundane sacred so that it is nurtured, cared for and protected.  Love is the food that helps us grow producing a deep sense of connection and guiding us to reach heights beyond our normal limits.

Many thanks to the wonderful couples that attended who shared and created a safe container to  learn, love, laugh, cry  and connect.  I praise you all for stepping up into your power with the intention to strengthen your relationship.  Many couples commented to me that the experience of the weekend "saved their marriage" "opened their eyes to the truth" and I am continually in awe of the beauty and wonder that Tantra brings to people's lives.  I would like to say a very special thank you to my teacher, Master Alex Lim for his incredible wisdom and teachings of the TAO and QI GONG and for his amazing demonstration of CHI, proving that the life force of breath, creates core strength and energy within the human body.  It's that simple!  A special thank you to Helen Frost who informed us through her extremely powerful seminar the benefits of eating LIVE food versus DEAD Food and how vital it is for good health to start understanding that dead food kills and creates illness, low libido, low energy and that live food replenished and heals our cells creating abundant health and energy.  We were all in stitches with Helen's very comical demonstration of the importance of a good poo versus a bad poo!!! You can't get much more explicit and real than that!

A huge thank you to the Sanctuary's new Practitioners Susan and Nick who worked tirelessly to ensure the weekend ran smoothly and contributed their presence and wisdom into this very sacred space.  And lastly, another big thank you to my good friends Chaz and Danny for their help in bringing Master Lim to the retreat and lastly to Carl our Chef for his fabulous and delicious cuisine.

Testimonials from the Sanctuary Retreats

Hi Cathy, Thank you for such a wonderful experience at the couples retreat.  Each step on my journey brings new levels of personal understanding and realisation. Chris has really grown and learnt alot from the weekend. Most importantly has opened his eyes and his heart to a fuller way of looking at life. So a massive thank you for all that you do and all that you are.  You are providing a guiding light for our relationship and I can't thank you enough. I look forward to being in touch with you again. Always Lisa and Chris x

Hey Cathy, just wanted to thankyou again, the retreat was great....I am now practicing the White Deer at least 4 times a week and use the spiral one when I can.  I brought the Joi skin care products and really find that they are amazing because I have a very sensitive skin, and have really noticed the difference:)  I took alot of points from Helen Frost's talk and brought the 'Very Wellness' cookbook that Sue Bartoll had on sale and a couple of other heathy eating books that she was selling:)  I have now changed my diet and feel so much better from it:)  So thank you again, this retreat really gave me a lifestyle change that I was also looking for:) Love Tracey xxx 

'May Couples Tantra Retreat Group Photo with Master Alex Lim and Helen Frost'

Master Lim demonstrating the power of 'Chi' and Helen Frost - Australia's Leading Nutritional Educator

There is another Couples Retreat planned for those that missed out on the 30th and 31st October this year and we will be joined again by Master Lim and Helen Frost.  In other news, the Beginners Tantra for Couples DVD and Tantra Forum are still ticking along both of which hopefully will be available sometime in July/August. 

Until next time, have a wonderful monthKiss

Peace and Love, Cathy xox


"Being of service to others may be a smile, a loving word or support when it is least expected.  Being of service to others is simply to make a gift of who you are to another, BE the gift every day of your life".    P'TAAH



The Sanctuary would like to extend a warm welcome and introduce Rebecca (Becky) who has taken on the role of part time Receptionist to assist me in the administration area of the Sanctuary.  This will allow me more time to create programs, workshops and to start writing my book "Memoirs of a Tantra Goddess".  Becky will be organizing bookings and taking phone enquiries so next time you phone the Sanctuary, hopefully you wont have to hear my voice message!  All documentation at the Sanctuary including bookings, emails and phone enquiries are kept 100% private and confidential.

New Practitioners at the Sanctuary

I am really excited and proud to introduce you to some of the new Practitioners who have joined the Sanctuary.

Introducing Susan (Specialising in Couple's Sessions)

The study and practice of Tantra has been of great personal and professional benefit to me.  Through Cathy's easy to integrate teaching my husband and I have experienced deep connection that has healed us both individually and as a couple.  Studying to become a Tantra Instructor has added to my ability to be fully present for my clients as an Energy Healer and Meditation Facilitator. 

I am very interested in the deeper aspects of life and find great pleasure in sharing my understanding with like minded people who are ready to honour and cherish themselves as I have learned to do.  One of my passions is to spend time in my garden and grow fresh food which I love to transform into tasty healthy meals, for my husband, children and family.  I am interested in sustainability in all aspects of life and this includes the environment, my community, friends, family and me!  

I invest my time in intelligent, progressive and positive energy for the Planet. 

I believe that as a society we underestimate the transformative power of our creative life force (sexual energy), as this amazing force is the energy that created us and how we came forth into our world. 

Seeing an individual connect with their heart space to sense purity within themselves, and then see, feel and embrace this within their beloved is what Tantra has shown me, and continues to expand my heart space.  To share in the transformation of a couple through the practice and integration of sacred union is my greatest joy. 

Introducing Nick (Specialising in Women's Sessions and Women's Massage)

For a long time I've had a strong desire to help others on their  life's journey.  Massage is good but Tantra has shown me a way to provide a more complete nurturing and caring experience.  While all the senses come alive through Tantra my favourite sense is that of touch.  A touch or a caress when felt in the moment can be an amazingly powerful sensation. 

I am dedicated to my spiritual practice and incorporate into my life daily Tantra and meditation.

I am excited and honoured to be able to share with you a sacred space of safety and learning for you to be able to experience the wonder and ecstasy of Tantra with me.

Introducing Lynne (Specialising in Men's Sessions)

My spiritual journey has been ongoing throughout my life, starting in my 20's, but the real awakening was in 2001 with Reiki and understanding the Metaphysics of our bodies. From there my interest and learning have grown enormously with the need for self nurturing after raising 3 beautiful, now adult children, and running a very demanding business for over 20 years in Adelaide. 

I moved to Perth in 2007 and my interest and thirst for knowledge of Tantra was finally quenched with a women's Tantric workshop with the lovely Cathy. From there the understanding and empowerment and self discovery, sexually and sensually, has been wonderful and certainly self nurturing, ensuring the Goddess within me has blossomed and grown even more. 

I look forward to guiding others on their own journeys of self love and self discovery, to enhance their lives and relationships.

Introducing Leah (Specialising in Couple's and Women's Sessions)

I was raised in New Zealand by my Maori/Italian mum and Irish/German dad. I have been taught the spiritual ways of both my parents and for as long as I can remember I have been drawn to the 'unseen' side of life which I find fascinating. 

I love working with people and this has lead me to occupations that empower others and myself along the way. All of which brings me great joy and tremendous job satisfaction.  I am passionate about learning and sharing knowledge that brings more joy and freedom into our lives. 

I have been blessed with an amazing man to share my life with and after 20 years and two gorgeous kids; we are more in love than ever.  Learning tantra for us has been an exciting new journey that took our love, pleasure, communication and acceptance to a whole new level! 

To see deep into the heart and soul of another human being;  to see truth; to look  beyond the physical;  to see yourself and others for who we really are; to feel empowered, vulnerable,  beautiful,  sensual, and sexy; to feel and direct our sexual energy thru our whole body is our birthright. It feels like ecstasy and encourages healing. This is the gift of tantra which my beautiful friend Cathy has taught and inspired me to share. 

To guide people to see and feel this in themselves and others; to facilitate this experience with individuals and couples is an absolute honor! 

I hold a BA in Sociology and Aboriginal Studies, worked with "at risk" young people for many years and have studied Reiki Level 1. Also currently working as a Yogahealth Instructor and Juice Plus+  Franchisee.

Mother Daughter Workshop

'Contacting the Sacred Feminine'

The bond we share as women:

  • Full body presence, rest into the wisdom of your body
  • Sacred women's practices historical & present
  • The natural rhythm and cycles of your body and how to flow with them
  • Your sexual self and the unique beauty of your body
  • Celebrating womanhood and ways we can love and support one another on our journey

Join Susan and Cathy at a workshop for women of all ages, with the minimum age 16 of years due to sexual content.  For Mothers or mother figures and Daughters or daughter figures, come and share in all that is nurturing, compassionate and supportive, for yourself and a younger woman in your life that you hold dear.

  • WHEN:    24th July 2010
  • TIME:     11.30am to 5.30pm
  • VENUE:  The Sanctuary of Tantra
  • COST:     $90.00 per woman. $45 fully paid deposit required per booking by June 12th. 

Afternoon tea provided.  Please wear comfortable clothing and bring a cushion, mat or blanket. 

Book online


Cathy Wood 'Sanctuary of Tantra' on [email protected]


Susan Holtmeulen 'Qi Balance' on 0407 995 114          

Introducing Helen Frost Australia's Leading Nutrition Educator


Don't miss this life changing seminar!

  • WHEN:    7th July
  • TIME:      7pm to 9pm (Refreshments served after seminar)
  • WHERE:  Forrestfield Hall, Cnr Hale and Anderson Roads, Forrestfield
  • COST:     $20 per person, families welcome (open to children 5 years and up - no charge for children)

Famous for her straight talking, Australia's leading Nutrition Educator Helen Frost will provide an amazing insight into your incredible body and the fascination of food and how they work together to achieve your potential.

Her dynamic style inspires change and action around food choices & lifestyle. PLUS they provide new strategies to accelerate the pathways to Mental & Physical Health, Weight Loss & Feeling Good. 

A former teacher, Helen is well known from her radio broadcasts and has presented her unique pitch on nutrition and lifestyle to more than 55 public health forums and to more than 80 schools and a long list of organisations, businesses and conferences. 

"If you are feeling tired, ill, moody, irritable, anxious or forgetful, are not sleeping well and are prone to cravings and bingeing,", says Helen, "it just means you could do with a bit of a "tune up".  People with heart conditions, digestive problems, cancer, diabetes or arthritis, as well as people with high cholesterol, weight challenges and depression all can benefit from her Seminar.

It's all about improving the quality of your life

Helen has a Diploma of Teaching and has over 30 years experience in education, nutrition, health, fitness & weight management and entertainment through public speaking.

Learn Healthy Nutrition, Lifestyle and De Stress Tips:

  • Dieting is Dead!
  • Magic Mood Foods
  • No More Cravings and Regrets
  • Staying Younger Longer
  • Sexual Potency
  • Beyond Drugs
  • Calm without the Booze
  • Igniting the Spark
  • The Latest Anti Ageing Fast Food


Please phone Becky or Cathy for further information and bookings or email: [email protected]. Tickets will also be available at the door on the evening.

FREE Public Tantra Seminar

Tantra and Meditation - 'What you have always wanted to know about Tantra but were afraid to ask'

  • WHEN:        2nd August
  • WHERE:      "Alternative Philosophies" 14 Aleppo Drive, Kardinya
  • TIME:         7.30pm to 9.30pm
  • CONTACT:  Jason for confirmation of bookings on 9337 2993, Mobile 0414405681 or email: [email protected]

For other inspirational talks at the Alternative Philosophies please visit website 

TAO - The Samurai of the Drum!

  • Worldwide Audiences of 3 Million
  • Beyond your Imagination
  • Ultimate Beat Performance

Master Lim and myself are organising a group booking to attend the most explosive and dynamic performance of the TAO - Samurai of the Drum!.  This is a world wide phenomenon with 500 performances annually in 15 Countries and is MUST SEE event performed by genuine Samurai's.  22-26th Perth Concert Hall.  For group bookings of 10 people or more the price is $89.90 per ticket.  Brilliant Seats!  For bookings please contact [email protected].

Women's Tantra Circle

"If you cannot face directly into your sexuality, you will never discover your true spirituality.  Your Earthly Spirit leads to discovering your Heavenly Spirit.  Look at what created you to discover what will immortalize (heal) you". White Tigress Manual

2nd July 2010.  The Sacred Goddess Circle is a Temenos (sacred space of knowledge and learning without judgement) for the feminine spirit to connect, love, laugh and cry.  A beautiful safe space to practice Tantra, Mantra's, Jade Egg Kegel exercises, Energetic Sacred Spot Massage or to simply chat and anything else that goes within the safe boundaries of the circle.  The Sanctuary encourages all women to attend and is open to women of all ages (16 and up).  Bring a friend or two, no experience in Tantra is required.  Please bring a small plate to share.  Friday evening 7pm to 9.30pm.  Cost: $10.  At Julie's place in Yangebup (20 mins from City).  Please email or phone Becky or Cathy for the address [email protected].  

Men's Tantra Circle

At last!  One for the guys!

9th July 2010.  The Men's Tantra Circle, is a safe container to be in the presence of like minded men, to provide a confidential and supportive bond to embrace the ancient teachings of 'Tantra for Men' and to connect back to the deep grounded masculine spirit.  Ancient primral cultures were aware of the importance of the rites of passage marking a crossing into manhood and for men to become deeply centred into their masculine and feminine energy.   Unfortunately theses rites and supportive circles have been lost in western society and it now time for all men to step up into their power of the Shiva 'masculine energy'.  This circle is an opportunity to talk and learn about men's sexualty through Tantric practices that include 'The Male White Deer' , Ejaculation Control, The Big Draw Orgasm and Yoni Massage for her.  Facilitated by Kris (Practitioner from the Sanctuary) and supported by the guys from the meditation group.  The circle welcome's men of all ages (16 and up), no experience in Tantra is necessary.   Please give Kris a call for further information. 0410068725.  Friday 7pm to 9.30pm.  Cost: $10.  Venue: The Sanctuary of Tantra.

Singles Retreat 19 Days to go!!!!

19th and 20th June 2009.  A fabulous weekend retreat designed to embrace tantric teachings with like minded singles.  During this unique retreat Cathy will guide you through an empowering spiritual journey of mastering and directing your own sexual energy through the practice of Tantra.  There will also be two special guest speakers in fields related to the practice of Tantra.  Lara Farrow will present a Chakra Wand Workshop and Claire Belton, Hatha Yoga.

Cost: $565 (All inclusive - includes Workshops, Special Tantra Pack, Guest Speakers, All Meals and Accommodation).  SERPENTINE RETREAT CENTRE.  Book online


Women's Beginners Tantra Workshops

17th July 2010.  Sexual energy is the consciousness that permeates our very being, our vital life force, energizing, empowering and healing body, mind and spirit.  This Workshop is a must for any woman who is on a path of self discovery to empower and awaken her Shakti (Goddess) energy and to start living life with power, integrity and Sensual Living.  Open to women of all ages, single or in a relationship. Saturday 11.45pm to 5.15pm.   Please note:  There is no nudity in this Workshop. 

Cost: $100 (Includes Tantra Manual, Certificate and Afternoon Tea) Book online

Couple's Beginners Tantra Workshop

3rd July 2010.  Whether you want to re-ignite the passion back into your relationship, learn techniques to enhance lovemaking or simply build closer intimacy with your partner then this workshop is for you. Tantric Workshops are a fun filled, dynamic and profound way to experience more love, joy and pleasure within your relationships whilst at the same time meeting like minded couples and enjoying the atmosphere. These workshops are a holistic approach to relationship harmony and there is no nudity or intrusiveness of any form during the workshop.  Saturday 11.45pm to 5.15pm.  Please note:  There is no nudity in this Workshop.

Cost: $200 per couple (Includes Tantra anual and Afternoon Tea).  Book online

Couple's Tantric Massage Playshop

Back by popular demand!

10th July 2010.  This workshop has been designed by Cathy to give couples the opportunity to explore the ancient tantric practice of TOUCH to connect pleasure, through play letting go of sexual inhibitions and surrendering into FREEDOM.  Tantric Massage is an erotic, sensual experience creating pleasure for pleasure's sake and learning to be totally immersed in deep states of relaxation whilst building sexual energy (peaks or waves) through the body. Tantric massage is a wonderful tool to bring more pleasure, depth and intimacy into love-making, to be used as part of foreplay or simply as a time-out experience with no expectations other than to be indulged, nurtured and loved. When we learn to surrender to pleasure, we also heal and energise and reach new heights of sensitivity to orgasmic energy. Sensual touch is one of the most beautiful experiences we can give to our beloved.  This workshop also includes energetic sacred spot massage.  Please note: There is nudity in this Workshop.  Discreet screens are placed around each couple for privacy during the massage section.  Saturday 10am to 5pm.

Cost: $250 per couple.   (Includes lunch and Tantra Massage Manual) Book online

Usui Reiki Ryoho - Reiki Classes

16th July 2010.  Shoden Reiki Class (Reiki 1) 6pm to 9pm held over 2 weeks.

Cost: $100 (Includes 80 Page Reiki Manual, Certificate and Authentic Lineage) Authentic Lineages are compulsory if you wish to work in hospitals or cancer hospices. Book online

17th July 2010.  Okuden Reiki Class (Reiki 2) 10.00am to 5pm

Cost:$300 (Includes Reiki Manual, Certificate, Authentic Lineage and Lunch)

Private Tantra Sessions  

A Tantra experience with a Darkini/Daka is unforgettable; it is euphoria in its purest form. It is a 10,000 year old practice and people from all walks of life, religions and nationalities practice tantra. In my own experience as a tantra teacher the benefits and results I have witnessed have been amazing. I am continually in awe of the amazing capabilities and resources of the human body and the way it was designed for pleasure and healing through the power of sexual energy.

Private Tantra Sessions and massage available for men, women and couples including same sex couples with a Daka or Dakini (Female/Male Tantra Teacher).  Please refer to website for details and costs.  Private Session Duration: 2.5 hours.

Practitioners: Cathy, Nick, Kris, Susan (Couples only), Lynne (Men's Private Sessions), Leah and Bev.

NEW: Body to body traditional tantric floor massage AN MO!  Details on website under SESSIONS.

Tantra Meditation

For Vitality, Health and Energy!

7.15pm to 9.15pm each fortnight at the Forrestfield Hall, Corner of Hale Road and Anderson Road, Forrestfield.  Cost $10 - Next Meditation 9th June and 23rd June.  7pm to 9pm each fortnight at the Waylen Bay Scout Hall, The Strand, Applecross.  Cost $10 - Next Meditations 14th and 28th June.

All welcome.  No previous experience in meditation or Tantra necessary.  Come and learn to relax, unwind and at the same time empower the body and mind through sexual energy.  Making time for you and intergrating 'discipline' is the first steps to 'self love'.  Meet "Maggie May" (Perth's number one Tantra Meditation Dog sharing her unconditional love!) and enjoy the peaceful atmosphere.   Please bring a yoga mat or blanket, cushion and water. 

Interesting Sites

Notes from the Universe!

This website was recommend to me by my good friend Chaz and I thought the concept was a fantastic idea to receive daily inspirational notes from the Universe!

What started in 1998 as an email sent out weekly to 38 addresses has since blossomed into today's daily Notes from the Universe, sent to over 300,000 subscribers in 189 countries! These Notes are brief passages written by "The Universe," personalized with your name (and occasionally your personal goals and dreams), designed to remind you that you have, indeed, been given dominion over all things. 

"The Notes are designed to shed light on your own inner path: to spark your memory, attract like thinking, and awaken the slumbering deity within. They contain the truths I've come to know and live by about who we are, why we're here, and the magic at our disposal. Everything I've discovered is neatly tucked between the paragraphs, and for the eager, earnest reader, far more meaning will be found therein than will first meet the eye."  Mike Dooley author of the Notes.

Amrita Grace is the Ambassador of the Divine Feminine - Awakened Masculine Institute, High Priestess and author of "Reclaiming Aphrodite - The Journey to Sexual Wholeness".  A beautiful and informative website that embodies the true essence of the Divine Sacred Sexuality.

Our planet earth is in trouble and she desperately needs our help!  Please join the Sanctuary in supporting this amazing Australia wide project  "Days of Change" and make a pledge today!

  1. FREE to Join
  2. FREE to make a pledge
  3. Days of Change supports a sustainability program.

Why A Sustainability PROGRAM?

There are many indications that our modern Australian lifestyle is simply unsustainable. These include:

The good news is that we don't need to give up any of the things that matter the most in order to become more sustainable. In fact many of the simple things we can do to become more sustainable will make us happier, improve our health and wellbeing and save us money.

And the even better news is that 93% of West Australians have said that they are willing to take personal action to be more sustainable. They're just looking for some help on how to make that happen - and that's where Days of Change comes in! 

If every person on the planet consumed resources at the same rate that we do here in Australia, we would need another 2 to 3 planets for this to be sustainable!

The last time we checked, Earth is the only habitable planet we know about, so our rate of consumption is clearly unsustainable. 

So click on 'Days of Change' today and show your support to help create conscious global awareness to help 'Planet Earth'.


Congratulations to my good friends Lara and Tony on the birth of their beautiful daughter and Princess Wren and to my other good friends from meditation class Marina and Sergey on the birth of their beautiful daughter and Princess Karina.  Sending you all lots and lots of love and joy for this very special blessing.

The Healers Page

Reconnective Healing and The Reconnection

Reconnective Healing® energies entered Marina's life in the most mysterious way in 2006, when one of her family friends in Toronto gave “The Reconnection” book to her family. Right away Marina felt a very strong pulsation in her, simply from holding the book in her hands. Since then Marina had my Reconnection done in Sydney, have initiated a project about sharing Reconnective Healing® with seriously ill children in one of Sydney’s hospitals after meeting Dr.Eric Pearl in person, attended level I/II Reconnective Healing® seminar in San Francisco, level III Reconnection® seminar in Perth and finally opened her own practice here in Perth, where she moved with her husband at the end of 2008. You can never say for sure, but Marina is quite certain she would not have been where she is now without these wonderful frequencies. It is hard to explain, but once you get in touch with them, all of a sudden it seems as if some unseen energy draws you exactly to where you need to be and helps you remove all the barriers on the way to bringing your dreams to life and fulfilling your life purpose. That is exactly why Marina is so passionate about sharing these frequencies with others – she has seen how they sometimes provide a healing where a person needs it the most (either physical, emotional or spiritual level), and also open up new horizons in terms of where one wants to get in life and ways of getting there.Marina is currently practicing at her place with an ocean view at Scarborough Beach and offers both Reconnective Healing® sesions and the Reconnection®. What is Reconnective Healing®? Reconnective Healing® is a non-invasive "hands free" powerful healing method, which utilises frequencies that work on an inter-dimensional level. Through the Reconnective Healing® session you can access a comprehensive spectrum of healing - the one that allows for healings that are not just physical, not just mental, not just emotional, but very often a combination of all of the above - the healing that you need the most at a particular moment in life in order to support the evolution of your very being and essence. Very often the frequencies continue to work with you even after the session is over. Healings have been reported from chronic, permanent and terminal issues. Reconnective Healing® Frequencies enable spiritual and evolutionary advancement, enhance and fuel renewals of the body and increase vibratory levels for healing and personal development. It's recommended to have up 1-3 Reconnective Healing® sessions in order to truly experience the benefit of being in touch with these beautiful frequencies. Each session lasts about 30-40 min. Fee: $90 What is the Reconection®? The Reconnection® is a once in a lifetime experience which involves connecting the meridians on your body to the Earth's energy gridlines to help you reconnect more fully with the Universe and to put you on and accelerate your life path. Takes 2 consecutive days to complete-approximately 60 min each. Suggested pre-requisite: at least 1 session of Reconnective Healing®. Fee: $333 for 2 sessions Marina also has Dr. Eric Pearl's books The Reconnection: Heal Others, Heal Yourself available for sale($25). For more information you can visit the web-site: To book a session or if you have any questions, please contact Marina at 0405754332 or [email protected]  Stem Cell Therapy To my dear friend, Cathy!! Thank you so much for letting me share this with your readers!   It is from my heart, to yours, that I share this with you.   I trust and have fate, that the one's searching for this, will find it.   This100% natural organic product has only been available here in Australia since okt. last year. For myself, family, friends and our beloved pets I have witnessed the most remarkable things happening.   StemEnhance, is the worlds first stem cell nutrition product, it is the next step in "helping your body help itself".   A true gift of Mother Nature, it consists of a patented extract of the aquatic botanical, Aphaizomenon flos-aquae (AFA for short). It hits right at the heart of the body's natural renewal system and has been credited with supporting an astoundingly wide variety of benefits for people of many ages and levels.   "Supporting the release of stem cells from the bone marrow and increasing the number of circulating stem cells is probably the single most important thing one can do to improve and maintain optimal health."         If you would like more info. or a free DVD please email me, [email protected] or go to                                                                                       Much joy and happiness,  Ann-Charlotte