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A Tantric approach to Life Counselling and Relationship Harmony
Established in 2006

Sanctuary of Tantra Christmas Party Extravaganza!

The Sanctuary would like to thank everyone who attended the recent Tantra Christmas party and contributed to making the night an incredible success.

Over a 100 people, danced, dined, drank, mingled and joined in the hilariously funny games which consisted of 'pass the lifesaver on a toothpick', pass the grapefruit with your chin - no hands allowed, the string game - string had to be thread through everyone's clothes (Ooo la la ) and the first team tied up wins!  Marco and the Rhythm Kings were absolutely brilliant, dressed the part in 50's rockabilly clothing and certainly lived up to their name of great rhythm music.  It was great to see so many people shaking their moves, having fun and letting their hair down.  You can check Marco and the Kings out at the Mustang Bar in Northbridge, they are certainly a great band and a must see if you enjoy 50's rock n' roll.

Many thanks goes to my wonderful and beautiful friend Julie who was our fabulous MC for the evening and created some very funny and a hint of 'oh risque' games (Peter was impressed!).  Many thanks also goes to the following people, Brad, Nick, Kris, Chaz, Karen and Lisa for setting up and helping the evening run smoothly and Donna for the terrific photos below.  Many thanks also to Mark Whitehouse from Procopy who arrived with the surprise of the evening, the new release of the "Tantra for Couple's DVD" and lastly to everyone for going to the trouble of bringing some very delicious food not to mention Sue Bartoll's very clever 'yoni cuisine'.  I have an assortment of platters and bowls left over from the night, so if you are missing yours, please contact me.



'The things you can do with a Grapefruit'



'It's all about the angle'



'Get down and get with it'

'Umm while your down there Julie'

'I think that's string down there'

'The Goddesses'