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A Tantric approach to Life Counselling and Relationship Harmony
Established in 2006

Newsletter for October 2018

Hello everyone,

I hope you are going well and have had a productive and inspiring month.

I love the months of September and October in Perth, when spring is in the air, the weather is a little warmer and the flowers and wild life start to bloom once again in the cycles of the seasons.

To celebrate an early birthday present I decided to take myself to Uluru, the heart of Australia to spend time with the land and time by myself.  “Know thyself” the essential key words to the philosophy of Tantra and is often hard to practice when we are always so busy with the demands of life and the constant white noise that surrounds us.

Uluru is such a sacred place and I was fortunate enough to spend time with an Anangu aboriginal, the traditional owners of the land who showed and taught me their knowledge and history of Ayres Rock.  A major awareness that stood out for me was the silence.  It was so silent that my eardrums hurt at times.  There was just silence, stillness, peace, blue skies, sunshine and sacred land.

In other news, the Sanctuary recently celebrated our 24th Couple’s Retreat at the magnificent Pullman Bunker Bay Resort.

40 beautiful people shared in the joy of learning and growing in sacred love, discovering a deeper sense of self and connection with their beloved.

It was the most perfect weekend with lots of laughs, amazing food and divine weather.

Thank you to all the couples who attended, it was humbling to witness your love and commitment to each other.

Thank you to my awesome team Diana, Amy and Jim for all your love and support ensuring the event ran as smooth as clockwork. Also thank you to Emma and Jordy from Pullman Bunker Bay.

If anyone is interested in our fabulous couple’s retreats we are pleased to announce there will be two Retreats held next year.

UBUD BALI - 20th - 25th June
BUNKER BAY DUNSBOROUGH W.A. - 20th - 22nd September

Until next month stay safe and enjoy the warmer weather.

Much love,

Catherine Jane xox 

What’s coming up!

Men’s Tantra Workshop – 3rd November BUSSELTON PERTH at the Men’s Shed Click here for full details

Reiki 2 Workshop (Okuden) – 10th November PERTH click here for full details

Trauma Informed Workshop – 17th November PERTH Facilitated by Karen Hulls

  • Date: 17th November 2018
  • Time: 9am to 12pm
  • Venue: The Sanctuary Perth
  • Cost: $125 (Please note: the cost will be reduced if we get more than 10 people)

'Elephant in the Room! What is Trauma-Informed Care?'

Learning Outcomes

At the completion of this workshop participants will be able to:

  1. Explain the impact of trauma on: the domains of development (e.g. physical, psychological, emotional, sexual, social, spiritual etc.), memory and brain development.
  2. Discuss the relationship between a person's trauma history and his or her behaviors and responses.
  3. Use the Adult Attachment Interview (AAI), for supporting adult clients to heal from trauma.

Places are Limited. If you would like to book and secure your place please email [email protected]

Diploma in Tantric Studies (Module 4) – 24th to 28th November PERTH 

Open to anyone who has previously completed Modules 1-3.  Please email [email protected] for full details and registration.


Events in 2019

Reiki Master Training  SHINPIDEN LEVEL 3 - 9th February PERTH (Please email [email protected] for enquiries)

Soul Filled Women’s Retreat – 16th and 17th February ADELAIDE click here for further details

The Sacred Unveiling Urban Retreat 23rd and 24th February MELBOURNE Click here for full details

Diploma in Tantric Studies – Module 1 and 2, 2nd -6th March; Module 3 – 8th – 12th June; Module 4 – 7th – 11th September PERTH click here for full details 

Internationally Accredited Tantra Training – 20th – 26th May SYDNEY click here for full details

TANTRIC EXPEDITION TO THE WHITE LION HEARTLAND – 11th to 17th October AFRICA (Details coming soon)

A unique opportunity to join the first white lion pride reintroduced to their natural and spiritual homelands of the Greater Timbavati region.

“Healing Self and Healing the Great Mother (Earth)”


My lower personality was broken.

Yes broken into a million pieces. It has experienced and known suffering, abandonment, betrayal, grief, both physical and emotional abuse, gossip, judgement and loneliness and wears the battle scars of the journey of being a human.

A very familiar story for so many………..

And yet all through this I have managed to build over 17 years a very successful small business that continues to thrive from strength to strength. My work is often behind the scenes; I’m not really a ‘public person”, I don’t seek fame and fortune, I have never done a live feed, a podcast and I don’t have an Instagram account (not that I have a problem with any of them I just can’t find the time). My business is always super busy with daily back to back clients and every day I am in service to those that need a shining light to show them the way. It is only just recently that I have learnt to say “Sunday’s are my day”.

When I reflect back at my life, I often wonder how do I keep doing what I do and why would I even want to keep going when the world at times can be so cold and dark.

The answer is simple and two little words sums it up perfectly.


The soul is the driver of your car it is the babysitter (through the mind and heart) of your unstable and at times unruly lower emotions that are always on the war path for self-sabotage, procrastination and constant doubt.

The soul is like a Divine mother and father that holds your inner child (the lower personality) with endless patience and unconditional love.

The soul is magnetic. It emanates light out into the world drawing to it all that can see.

The soul serves humanity and its consciousness is LOVE and UNITY.

The soul helps you learn discernment and through discernment you will know your true soul sisters and brothers, those that lift you up on the path towards light and salvation, those that offer you a hand when you need one, those that can see your darkness and yet still love you without question, those that want nothing from you other than to love you.

The soul shows you your duality, your higher self and your lower self (the personality) that binds you to the actions and karma of human suffering.

People can huff and puff and blow your house down, but the soul will just re-build another one time and time again. The soul is unstoppable when its purpose is known by the personality.

The soul is steadfastness, it will keep driving you even when the personality is at its most fragile, when the personality is in the darkest night of the soul, rebelling every single act of unkindness, unfairness and judgement that other personalities and the world have done to you.

The soul is the navigator to your true self, “The I Am that I Am”.

The soul will show you your life purpose and your divine presence and inspirational light. It will show you the answers that you seek.

Your personality especially your lower personality cannot heal itself, nor can it heal itself through others, it is only through the wisdom of your own soul and the Divine love that binds you to all of consciousness that will heal you and then you will see the world from a different set of eyes. 

And through those eyes you will know love in all its purest form.


(Catherine Wood The Sanctuary of Ananda 2018)


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