MEN'S GATHERING - The Sanctuary of Ananda
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A Tantric approach to Life Counselling and Relationship Harmony
Established in 2006


YOU are invited to a night out at the Sanctuary, away from the pressures and stresses of daily life to relax, learn and unwind around the open fire.

TUESDAY 28TH MAY 7pm to 9pm

All welcome 16yrs and over. 

Fathers, you are welcome and encouraged to bring your son/s free of charge to share in the important rites of passage and the power and strength of the Masculine.

The Men's Tantra Gathering, is a fun, non-intrusive gathering around the traditional OPEN FIRE, to share in the presence of like minded men and to provide a confidential and supportive bond to connect back to the deep grounded masculine spirit. Ancient primal cultures were aware of the importance of the rites of passage marking a crossing into manhood and for men to become deeply anchored and embodied in their masculine and balanced in their feminine energy. Unfortunately theses rites and supportive groups have been lost in Western Society and it is now time for all men to awaken to their higher calling and the wisdom of their Shiva 'masculine essence'. This informative group is an amazing opportunity to talk and learn about men's sexuality through traditional Tantric practices.Facilitated by Dominic Daly (DAKA - Tantra Practitioner)Cost: $10 (Tea and Coffee provided)Venue: The Sanctuary of Tantra (Please email us on our Facebook Page: The Sanctuary of Tantra or email [email protected] for the address)