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A Tantric approach to Life Counselling and Relationship Harmony
Established in 2006

Mastering Your Feminine Workshop


"How to Rediscover The Captivating, Magnetic, Feminine You!"

"Seven Sacred Secrets to make you feel fabulously confident and certain you get more of what you want from life!"

Sometimes the biggest bully in your life can be yourself! You can be the person standing in the way of your own success and happiness.

But this doesn't need to be the case because, from now on, you can unlock the secrets of YOUR inner beauty confidence.....

Learn the secret 'Body Confidence Formula' those in the fashion industry don't want you to know about but super models use every day!

Confident glamour to go... your fast guide to looking stylish with juicy hints and tips to keep you looking and feeling fabulous whenever you want.

In this workshop every body shape is loved and catered for so you no longer have to 'body bash' yourself'... What's on offer is a jam-packed celebration of your style femininity, whether it's fresh chic, high-octane glamour or boho relaxed fun.

  • Women have been blocked from tapping into the incredible transforming power of their sexual energy which can leave you drained and feeling unloved. Learn to revitalize your life so you can stay energized, pumped, vital and in control!
  • De code the style mystery that keeps you locked into the frustrating, expensive and painful fashion merry go round so you can break out, enjoy clothing, style and feel fabulous on your terms where ever you go!
  • Learn the art of true love, freeing you from old wounded and patterned relationships and habits. Radiating power, strength, real love, compassion whilst mastering your own heart and being the queen of your romantic destiny.
  • Become your own one woman brand of style by feeling more beautiful and radiant by learning to live life by feeling loved, appreciated and experienced as a confident woman by getting off the mental treadmill that holds you back, preventing you from claiming a truly inspired life that leads to personal freedom.
  • Discover ancient secrets that can free you from limited, blocked thinking and will ensure you shine with vitality, confidence, glowing skin and increased sex appeal that will have you really enjoying sex and giving your partner the best sex ever!
  • Discover alluring colours that make you vibrate with more confidence than ever before leaving black and flat behind so you can radiate with elegance, style and grace through the power of colour and passion and waltz into the job or relationship of your dreams.
  • Learn the latest techniques in energy movement, meditation and dance so you can say good bye to the pussy cat and bring out the wild temptress in you no matter what's happening in your life... this is your complete wish list to inner confidence as you learn the art of seduction and what men really want!
  • Play and have fun with your clothing and leave behind the 'white noise' and irritation of your wardrobe so you can discover YOUR best look from head to toe and get the beauty confidence you want to feel your best at whatever you do with confidence.
  • Discover menstruation secrets that can free you from feeling tired, flat and in pain by mastering your cycle so you can feel fabulously sensual, energized and sassy at any age and be in charge of your own sexuality so you can understand your body's language of needs, wants and desires.
  • Enjoy more of the life you would like to lead, and become a stylized and accomplished woman who is admired, and looked up to by her friends, and stop the torment of untruths about your body that prevents you from embracing accepting and loving yourself so you can truly like who you see in the mirror and have more joy in your life.
  • Live the life of your dreams and stop settling for far less by becoming the extraordinary feminine you are, form closer bonds with other women and be the amazing lover you fantasize about in an intimate loving relationship.
  • Take the fear out of fashion that prevents you from having fun, fills you with uncertainty and doubts by learning the essential styling tools to believe in yourself, your opinions, ideas and style whatever the occasion, by pass frustration, time, money and energy by shopping effortlessly, competently and efficiently for an outfit.

In this workshop you'll benefit from a round-up of the finest body confidence secrets in a kaleidoscope of ideas that suits your needs.

By the end of this workshop, you'll know how to look chic, feel alive, sensual and full of possibilities!

And you'll discover fool proof ways to escape impossible stereotypes and dress with ease, style, grace AND gain head turning attention.

Jennifer Gillson is the founder of Image By Jennifer and is a cutting edge stylist who leads with thought provoking, ground breaking techniques that dismantle old paradigms of thought around women's roles and fashion.

 Jennifer has helped 1000's of women in their quest for body love and style acceptance. She has shown them the way back to enjoying clothing with fun. She believes 'real beauty' has nothing to do with looks and everything to do with confidence.



Catherine Wood is the Founder of The Sanctuary Of Ananda and is a world pioneer in the field of women's sexual energy. She is recognized internationally for her work and is about to open her new multi million dollar residential healing sanctuary in the Perth Hills.

Catherine understands the incredible power of women and has helped 1000's of women experience the deeply healing power of sexuality in all aspects of life.

  • DATE:      1st March
  • TIME:      9.15am to 5pm
  • VENUE:   Work Space, 139 Claremont Crescent, Swanbourne
  • COST:      $197
  • Book and pay by 15 February and receive a beautiful women's meditational CD and an exclusive rose quartz crystal pendant.

Morning and afternoon tea is provided. There is a lovely café next door for lunch or bring your own lunch. Please bring a yoga mat and cushion for meditation.

Please Book Online

COMING SOON!  Mastering Your Masculine Workshop for Men