There has been a lot written and surmised on the topic of meditation. It's often not as simple as just being able to "zen" out from the world because many people have difficulty letting go of the chitter of the mind, ultimately the intent in meditation is to contact the higher self, the soul, however to reach the higher self the ego has to align with the physical body, emotional body, and mental body.

This is the discipline and intent of medit...ation and one of the vital aspects of learning correct meditation because many people for example try to force meditation when they are tired or not feeling well or meditate for too long a period of time, or do not meditate with correct technique, hence the emotional body becomes "over stimulated" and "over activated" causing in balance in the endocrine glands and physical body.

Meditation is designed to slowly draw the consciousness away from the physical and emotional body and eventually become polarized with the soul force using the Antahkarana as a channel of communication.