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A Tantric approach to Life Counselling and Relationship Harmony
Established in 2006

Latest News from the Sanctuary

We are thrilled to introduce some exciting new Workshops, Courses, New Practitioners and Winter Specials for the month of June.


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Presented by:Dr Tony TaylorIs a Holistic Health Consultant who works in all levels of health; physical, emotional, mental, social and spiritual. He blends his experiences into a holistic consultancy framework delivered through counselling, therapy and teaching.Tony is an innovator with a vocational passion in the art of Self Health Management who provides information, knowledge and expertise in all dimensions of holistic health. His approach is client-centred, interactive and empowering, and he includes information and stories from his background and extensive experience.A medical doctor with a masters degree in physiological sciences, Tony has postgraduate training and qualification in nutritional medicine, environmental medicine, and analytical psychology. He is widely experienced in traditional and complementary medical systems, as well as the spiritual orientation to health and personal development. Tony supports his professional delivery as a published author and operates entirely independently from institutional healthcare. His office WoodIs founder and creator of The Sanctuary of Ananda, Western Australia's largest Tantra School (formerly the Sanctuary of Tantra) in 2006. She has over 25 years experience working in the field of holistic health and has studied Tantra extensively throughout the world. One of her passions among many is to teach and guide men on what women really want through the perspective and the eyes of the feminine. Dominic DalyIs the owner of Deliverance Coaching & Personal Development and a Tantra practitioner at The Sanctuary of Ananda and has been working with men, women and couples over the last 5 years assisting them in their personal journeys and transformation.He holds a Diploma in Tantric Studies from the Sanctuary of Ananda, Bachelor's Degree in Business (Curtin) and a Diploma in Professional Coaching (Coach School) along with qualifications in Reiki and Voice Dialogue. Dominic is passionate about the masculine journey and the celebration of men discovering themselves and embracing their masculinity. His own journey combined with the practice of Tantra has allowed him to embody his own masculinity and share his own experience and knowledge of the challenges of being a man.


INTRODUCING LINDA - Mandurah Rockingham Area (Please contact the Sanctuary to make a booking with Linda)

Hello, my name is Linda and I am a Tantra Practitioner working with the Sanctuary of Ananda. My journey with natural healing therapies began 20 years ago. Growing up presented some challenges for me and during early adulthood I looked for ways that I could grow beyond my early experiences. That search firstly led me to Reiki. Reiki energy brought a sense of positivity and calmness into my life and I enjoyed sharing that gift with family and friends. I continued my studies throughout adulthood and gained certification in Remedial Massage and Life Alignment and attained a Masters' Degree in Reiki and Hypnosis. Gradually, over the years, all aspects of my life transformed. I joined with my soul mate, my mind quietened, my heart opened and I wanted to help others to find their freedom. It was then that I found Tantra and a whole new world opened its doors to me. I attended a Couple's Retreat and watched in amazement as Tantra touched the lives of each and every couple present - the newlyweds, the retirees, those in bliss and those in crisis, Tantra had something for each of them. Tantra is a journey to divine consciousness, one that takes us by the hand, nurtures us and awakens us. No matter where we are in our own evolution, it has a gift for us. I feel blessed and honored to share the love and light of Tantra and look forward to working with both couples and male and female singles alike.

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  • Sensual Massage Course - 5th July
  • Couple's Workshop - Intimacy and Connection - 13th July
  • Women's Level 1 Workshop - Way of the Heart - 20th July
  • Mastering Your Feminine - 27th July