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A Tantric approach to Life Counselling and Relationship Harmony
Established in 2006

July Newsletter


It has been quite some time since I have published a Newsletter; in fact our last newsletter was back in March.  It certainly has been an incredibly busy and hectic year so far with so many wonderful events and trainings on the go.

In April I travelled to NSW to teach the Intensive Accredited Tantra Practitioner Training which was one of the most challenging, exhausting and rewarding Trainings I have ever taught. I have certainly learnt to expect the unexpected and to let go and just allow the flow. Thank you to the beautiful people who attended and bonded so quickly with each other, to Keiron Keene for holding space for the group and to Beth Heap for being a pillar of support and love. We are in the process of organizing the next Training in NSW which will be in May 2019. 

In other news, I have had the pleasure of visiting beautiful Bali twice this year, once for a week to check out the new venue for the proposed Bali Training and the second time to facilitate this Training. It was a very long, hot, amazing and incredible intensive 7 days teaching the Internationally Accredited Practitioner Training in Bali. Thank you to the universe for bringing together the most beautiful group of kind hearted and respectful people who shared and bared their souls in such loving sacredness. At the end of our final day I was gifted a traditional Balinese “crown” which was filled with blessings from every participant who attended.  Thank you so much to Beck “Mama Bali” for holding such loving strength and support and co- facilitating and to Steph for organising all of the logistics and assisting during the training.

We only have one more Perth Diploma Training left which commences in July through to November.  This training is now Fully Booked Out and I am looking forward to meeting everyone who is attending.

For those interested in our trainings which will be Australia wide; dates for 2019 will be posted in our next newsletter.

Our next big event coming up at the Sanctuary is the Menstruation/Menopause Workshop which the Sanctuary is very proud to be hosting the amazing Jane Bennett who is coming to Perth for the first time to share her knowledge and wisdom in two powerful Workshops on the topics of Menstruation and Menopause. Jane is one of the co-founders of Mense-Ed an exceptional training program which provides practical and engaging menstrual education workshops for teachers and school staff to support the creation of a positive menstrual culture in their school

Please check out the full details below.

Last but not least, our Couples Retreat in Bunker Bay Dunsborough W.A. from the 21st – 23rd September has only one last place left for that lucky couple.  If you are interested please click here

Love and Peace,

Catherine Wood

Last Workshops for 2018

Reiki Training – Shoden Level 1

  • Date:               Saturday 4th August 2018
  • Time:               10am to 4.30pm
  • Address:          The Sanctuary Perth
  • Investment:     $175 (all inclusive)


Reiki is a Japanese word translated as 'spiritual energy'.  The rei meaning 'spiritual' and ki meaning 'energy'

It is perceived that energy of the conscious mind permeates the entire Universe; therefore Reiki is simply a healing tool for balancing and healing the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual body.

The history of Reiki dates back to the late 1800's and was founded by Mikao Usui.  Mikao Usui practised a martial art called 'Aiki Jutsu' when he was just 12 years old.  Many years later he became an instructor in "Yagyu Ryu' and gained 'Menkyo Kaiden' (the highest level and honour in weaponary).  At some point in Mikao's life he found enlightment and the ability to heal on all levels.  This healing energy is what the West knows today as the 'System of Reiki'.


Menstruation 2018

  • Date:               11th August 2018
  • Time:               10am to 5pm
  • Address:          The Sanctuary Perth
  • Investment:     $197 (all inclusive: lunch and handouts)


This beautiful and informative workshop will explore:

Keys to menstrual well-being

Self-awareness and empowerment through consciously cycling

Fertility: optimum conception

Fertility: effective contraception

Spirituality and menstruation: connection, meaning and service

Creating a positive introduction to menstruation for girls

Creating a positive menstrual culture: socially, politically, and economically

Ritual and celebration: acknowledge and transform

Preparing for a positive menopausal transition

The day will also include time in the beautiful and womanly art form of circle: sharing, telling stories, connecting, learning, laughing and may include a healing cry too.


Menopause Workshop 2018

  • Date:               12th August 2018
  • Time:               10am to 5pm
  • Address:          The Sanctuary of Ananda
  • Investment:     $197 (all inclusive: lunch and handouts)


Preparing for a positive menopausal transition

Contraception during peri-menopause

Keys to menopausal wellbeing

Identity: Who am I now?

Creativity, drive and focus: What do I do now?

Sexuality, intimacy and menopause: Hot or not?

Creating a positive menopausal culture: socially, politically, and economically

Spirituality and the menopausal transition: What is my purpose?

Ritual and celebration: acknowledging this important threshold


*****Attend both workshops at the special price of $330 (Normally $394) *****



Jane Bennett is a social worker with over 36 years’ experience as a facilitator, counsellor and educator. Jane created A Celebration Day for Girls; Cool on the Inside and Fathers Celebrating Daughters and now trains facilitators internationally to present these popular programs. She was also featured in the movie "The Moon Inside You" which focuses on Global Menstruation for Women.

Jane is one of the co-founders of Mense-Ed an exceptional training program which provides practical and engaging menstrual education workshops for teachers and school staff to support the creation of a positive menstrual culture in their school.

Jane co-created The Rite Journey girls' year 9 programs and continues her long-standing educational role with Natural Fertility Management. She is the author of A Blessing Not a Curse and Girltopia: a world of real conversations for real girls, and co-author of The Natural Fertility Management Kits for Contraception and Conception and The Pill: Are You Sure It's For You?

Men’s Tantra Workshop

  • Date:               15th September 2018
  • Time:               10am to 5pm
  • Venue:             BUSSELTON Western Australia
  • Investment:     $197 (inclusive: lunch and Manual)


'An informative workshop which includes skills and techniques to master your Sexuality in becoming an Extraordinary Lover'

This Tantric Workshop is for men to discover their essential nature, purpose and life mission. It sets the stage for all men to be of greater service to humanity by beginning to know themselves intimately. It is an acknowledgement and understanding of manhood both primal and raw, emotional and spiritual. Through this journey comes motivation, compassion and the strength of the spiritual warrior that allows each man to return to friends, family and partners a more empowered and awakened man.

The philosophy and practices of Tantra once embraced, act as a catalyst for change, growth and initiation into the deeper aspects of masculinity, sacred sexuality and conscious relationships

What this Workshop will explore:

  • Tantra Philosophy
  • The Roles of Masculine/Feminine
    Re-defining your purpose and mission
    How to handle and understand pressures in your life including regulation of anger, frustration and depression
    Men's Sexual Health - Techniques to master erection strength, control and premature ejaculation
    Cultivation of Sexual Energy
    The Art of Extended Lovemaking
    The Gift of the Feminine - how to love a woman, spiritually, physically, emotionally and sexually creating healthy balanced and loving relationships

All welcome 18 years and over. Maximum 20 participants.



When we consciously walk a spiritual path, nothing, absolutely nothing can stay in our comfort zone for long.  To see, grow and change deep seated patterns and blind spots is at times painful and tiresome because with Divinity always comes burdens (more spiritual responsibility), distractions (that try to hinder and throw us off our path and focus) and challenges (for the old will always come forward to be tested time and time again until we pass the test, see the lesson, change the karmic cycle).

There are times though that we will see glimpses of peace, stillness, heaven, nirvana, wisdom and consciousness and through every spiritual crisis (test) comes forth a spiritual purification and we go up one step further on the ladder towards self-realization. Just like peeling an onion, the layers of our shadow, our darkness, our lower nature (Kali) need to be seen, understood and trained by the mind to be dissolved back into the light of the soul.  Look at the Mind as the babysitter for our astral body (emotional body).  There has to be an alert driver in control and more often than not the emotional body is the driver…….driving us back towards old patterns of sabotage, unhealthy habits, addictions, bad choices that keep us continually bound to chains of suffering.

The Divine, the Sacred, the Omi Present, the God/Goddess all represent one thing, and that is light and why do we seek light?  Why do we seek this thing we call “the spiritual path””? one of the reasons is because light makes us feel good, light makes us feel alive, light reminds us that we are sacred, eternal and beautiful and this light is our soul, the soul is unity through consciousness so it is safe to say the more light our soul flows through its vehicle (the body) the more we will be presented with our darkness (burdens and distractions).

All of the above is great intellectual knowledge but how do we actually put this into practice in our daily life?

How do we navigate through the wilderness and train our mind to take charge of our lower nature (emotions)?

Imagine a spiritual path or a spiritual journey like walking through a magnificent valley where the sky is a glorious blue, a few pure white clouds are to be seen, we feel the breeze on our face, the warm sun shining down and we breathe in the fresh clean air.  There are flowers growing in the fields and a few trees here and there, we are aware of stillness within nature and a deep familiar joy in our hearts.  As we walk through the valley, head held up high, we trip on a rock; we bend down to look at it, pick it up and study it for quite some time.  The rock represents one of our wounds, a pattern of our lower nature and suddenly we are back in the memory and especially the feeling and emotion.  We put the rock down and keep walking but we are no longer 100% present within peace, there is a duality brewing inside and a subtle feeling flooding back into our consciousness.  This memory has brought up pain, or sadness, or anger or despair and it is familiar.  However we keep on walking and then we trip again on another rock, this time the rock is bigger and we stop to look down at it and pick it up studying it intensely.  Once again this rock represents something that lives in our “village in the mud” the lower nature of our personality and we are drawn into the feelings and emotions once again.  After walking and tripping a few more times we are suddenly aware that we are feeling very heavy and worn down.  We are back in our lower personality, a far place from when we first started our walk, in the joy of our soul.

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