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A Tantric approach to Life Counselling and Relationship Harmony
Established in 2006

Join us on a Journey of a Lifetime

Tantric Expedition to the White Lion Heartland

South Africa - 10th MAY 2012

"Healing Self and Healing the Great Mother (Earth)"

A once in a life time journey and opportunity to join the first white lion pride reintroduced to their natural and spiritual homelands of the Greater Timbavati region.

Accommodation in CAMP UNICORN on the White Lions' Heartland in Timbavati, South Africa.

Rondavels sleep 16 people, with two beds in each. 4 rondavels now have en suite bathrooms. The other 1 rondavel has its own outside bathroom. The last three rondavels share 2 communal bathroom facilities.

Additional accommodation arrangements would need to be discussed.

COST: $2,428 (all inclusive 9 Days and 8 Nights, except airfare: Whitelion Experience, Accommodation, Full Catering, Game Drives, Game Walks, Expeditions, Workshops and Tantra Workshops.

Airfares: Perth direct to Johanesberg $1,839 (subject to change)

Shuttles to/from Eastgate Airport [Timbavati] to Tsau White Lion Protection centre are included. Transport to Chief Xhosa's village is also included.

9 Days and 8 Nights - Itinerary Includes: 

  • Unique opportunity to join the scientific monitoring team on an authentic White Lion experience for a dawn and a dusk tracking session.
  • Join the Royal Pride and the Akeru pride hunting or at play in their natural and spiritual homelands: the first two prides of White Lions reintroduced to their endemic habitat after nearly two   decades of technical extinction in the wild.
  • Game drives at Kruger National Park in open game drive vehicle and scientific monitoring vehicle.
  • Animal soul Walk under the canopy of the Klaserie River. 1,2 or 3 hour walk, together with an expert Shangaan tracker, retracing animal spoor. First half of walk introduction to age-old tracking techniques and animals signs, second half in silence, animals spotted, or spoor identified, are conveyed through sign language only. 
  • Debriefing session and group sharing of what the group experienced.
  • Gathering of the group at the Wild Fig forest for Riverside picnic brunch.
  • "Sleep out" under the stars at the Lion Lookout or reeded boma.
  • Afternoon workshop in open-air amphitheatre.
  • Dream analysis workshop of symbols and dreams which the individuals in the group have experienced on White Lion territory.
  • Romantic 'sun-downers' overlooking Drakensburg Mountains.
  • Afternoon and evening expedition to Chief (Hosi) Khosa's village. Includes traditional dinner, Shangaan warrior dancing and drumming experience. Excludes gratuity for Traditional Medicine Women (Sangomas) from Maria's Khosa's family, who may be requested to provide bone divination. White Lion Trust will provide vehicles for transportation to the Village at no additional charge, which is 1 hours drive away. 
  • Journey in psychological and physical wellness. Workshop exploring the connection between Emoto's theories of water and the healing powers of theWhite Lions activating the Nile golden ley-line. 
  • River of Gold: Additional day's outing from White Lion heartland to the source of the Blyde River high in the 'tail' of the nearby Drakensburg Mountains - a source of pure joy and gold enlightenment (Blyde meaning 'joy' in Afrikaans).
  • White Lion Genetics and the Search for the Genetic Marker - Informal presentation by Jason Turner on the quest for the Genetic Marker. Jason Turner is the lion ecologist heading up the White Lion reintroduction, and his talk with venture into the scientific and genetic significance of this endangered phenotype of Panthera leo, which the Global White Lion Protection Trust is urgently striving to have listed for CITES protection. 
  • The Mystery of the White Lions and the Riddle of the Sphinx - Presentation by Linda Tucker charting the Ancient Egyptian links between the White Lion land in the South and the Great sphinx of Gisa due North on the Nile Meridian.
  • Documentary feature on the Global White Lion Protection Trust's efforts to save the White Lions from extinction, which reveals the extraordinary cultural legacy of myths and oral tradition surrounding these legendary beasts.
  • Making the Lion-Unicorn connection.Journey due south of Timbavati to the Barberton Mountainlands, where first gold and first life was discovered. There to meet the wild horses of Kaapse Hoop. Minimum number of days: 2 days.
  • Days outing to commune with the elephants, great matriarchal beings holding Mother Earth's ley-lines in balance.
  • Tantra Workshops with Cathy Wood - Sanctuary of Tantra

Please note:  If you are interested in attending this retreat please contact Cathy as I am taking tentative bookings without deposit at this stage.


###  Please note that this unique White Lion monitoring experience is not open to the public and is offered to this specialist group as a authentic eco-educational opportunity###

*** Please observe that there is a strict monitoring protocol in respect of the reintroduction of the White Lions. Our scientific monitoring vehicle does not intrude on the White Lions space, and we ensure that we keep our voices to a whisper when approaching them in the wild. We also avoid taking cameras, zooms or spotlights into their environment and instead enter into the magic of their natural existence and share its timeless beauty. Magnificent photographic studies of the White Lions and greeting cards are available upon request, proceeds of which are entirely given over to the protection of the White Lions in their natural habitat.