Happy Easter from the Sanctuary - The Sanctuary of Ananda
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A Tantric approach to Life Counselling and Relationship Harmony
Established in 2006

Happy Easter from the Sanctuary

The Sanctuary of Tantra would like to wish everyone a very safe, happy and loving Easter.  

  • Look on all things with love and you will be born again.
  • Love the sun, for it warms your bones.
  • Love the rain, for it cleanses your spirit.
  • Love the light, for it shows you the way.
  • Yet love darkness, for it shows you the stars.
  • Welcome the happiness, for it enlarges your heart.
  • Yet endure sadness, for it opens your soul.
  • Acknowledge rewards, for they are your due.
  • And accept the obstacles, for they are your challenge.
  • Look to this day, in it lies all the realities of existence.
  • The bliss of growth, the splendour of action, the glory of power.
  • But today well lived, makes every yesterday a dream of happiness and every tommorrow a vision of hope.
  • "Love in your hearts" (From Sanskrit)


    Give the gift of love this Easter with a TANTRIC EASTER EGG (yes can be dipped in chocolate!)

    Jade Eggs- The Secret of the Goddess



    Jade eggs are an ancient Goddess secret dating back 1000's of years and is especially used in the WhiteTigress teachings.

    Jade is a luminous stone that is highly valued in Chinese Civilization.  Jade is believed to have healing powers and the Empress in the Imperial Court of ancient China used Jade for her jewellery and healing of her sexual organs.

    Green Jade means "I love life and it flows through me in greater abundance".  In tantric practice the yoni (vagina) is referred to as the "symbol of life" therefore practice with the egg increases sexual sensitivity leading to heightened states of experiencing electrifying and multiple orgasms.  As the yoni in Tantra symbolizes the negative sexual pole of a woman and her breasts her positive sexual pole, balancing the two poles through practice with the eggs opens the power of the Shakti (Goddess Energy).  The Jade egg is considered a 'Yang' energy stone.  When combined with the energy of the 'Yin' pole, the egg brings harmony and healing to balance both sexual poles of a woman, radiating love and in this love the heart and the divine feminine is all powerful.

    The practice is also brilliant for incontinence and other female pelvic and genital conditions like urinary tract infections (UTI) by strengthening the pelvic floor and the nerve endings in the yoni canal.

    The Jade Egg comes in a beautiful silk pouch, drilled for easy insertion and easy to read instructions.

    RRP $50.00 + $5.00 Postage and handling within Australia