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A Tantric approach to Life Counselling and Relationship Harmony
Established in 2006

Couples Tantra Retreat

Couples Tantra Retreat

Only 2 Places Left!

19th and 20th March - First Retreat for 2011. 

This weekend retreat is open to couples of all ages who wish to explore Tantra to re-ignite the passion, connect love with spirituality and sexuality whilst at the same time meeting and integrating with likeminded people. Set in 20 acres of magnificent bushland, this will be a truly life changing experience.

Tantra is an ancient art of blending sexuality with spirituality empowering the body mind and spirit through sexual energy. Tantra starts with knowing and healing thyself and then can be integrated into creating a beautiful, harmonious relationship that connects two people emotionally, physically and spiritually. Sex becomes making love, pleasure becomes ecstasy. The history of Tantra dates back over 10,000 years and the teachings are global, people from all walks of life, religions and nationalities practice Tantra.

Some of the Benefits and Skills covered in this amazing retreat:

  • The History and Philosophy of Tantra
  • Correct Tantric Breathing, Grounding and Meditation  
  • The science of "chi" and "ching" (mastering and cultivating your sexual energy)
  • Shiva/Shakti (masculine, feminine energies)
  • The art of communication. - learning to receive pleasure- learning to give pleasure and - learning to surrender to the moment
  • Re-ignite the passion within yourself and your partner
  • Build the confidence to express your inner sexual desires
  • Build the confidence to express how you want to be loved
  • Become open to greater states of spiritual and physical sexual pleasure
  • Tantric Massage for Couples
  • Awakening the goddess within (Shakti energy) - for women taught separately
  • Skills to achieve Valley Orgasm (whole body orgasm without ejaculation - for men, taught separately)
  • More forceful and powerful orgasms creating more sexual control 
  • Ovarian Palace Breathing (for women)
  • Use of the Jade Egg (for women)
  • Testicular Breathing and Testicular Massage (for men)
  • Yab Yum and Tantra Asanas (sexual positions to achieve the best orgasm)
  • Creating Sacred Space and Sacred Tantric Vows
  • Microcosmic and Macrocosmic Orbit
  • Sacred Heart Ceremony (letting go of past relationship wounding)



Master Alex Lim - QiGong

Alex Lim was born in Central Java, Indonesia in 1955 of Indonesian Chinese parents. Starting Gymnastics at the age of 9, by 11 he was already into formal classes of Kung-Fu, which introduced him to small parts of Qigong of which he is now a master. By 14, he was made an assistant instructor and over the years to follow, he became familiar and experimented with numerous other martial arts, including western boxing.

Early exposure to mysticism and spirituality was rekindled in his early thirties, when he rediscovered Yoga (which he continues to practise to this very day alongside Qigong & meditation). His wide interest in health, healing, and spirituality resulted in him formally studying Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine. Other studies include 'Spiritual Protection' under the guidance of "Grandpa" Abdullah, 'Self Knowledge' with Swami Suddhananda, and 'I Liq Chuan' (a variation of Tai Chi) with Grand Master Sam Chin.

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Contact Details:

Phone:  0418 913838

Helen Frost - Australia's Leading Nutritional Expert


For Couples only:

Great performance from the boardroom to the bedroom

The "inside" story to Sexual Issues

Millions of $$$ are spent every day on sexual dysfunction treatments. Hormonal havoc, lack of desire and the "2 minute wonder" are not the exception any more they the norm. Dissatisfaction looms in the bedroom.

 Laugh your head off and learn lots about how to enhance your sexy bits

You can look forward to a very graphic and hilarious romp into the Power of Nutrition

  • Powerful foods that put more grunt in the engine and make you a star in the bedroom
  • Renew your strength, endurance, performance and staying power in all organs & areas of your life.
  • How to fire up
  • Do supplements help and which ones are safe
  • Drinks that don't leave you limp
  • How to make long and lasting impressions
  • Harnessing the hormones
  • Plus: how to help prevent, manage and overcome diabetes, cancer, prostate, heart, cholesterol and other health problems



Famous for her straight talking, Australia's leading Nutrition Educator Helen Frost will provide an amazing insight into your incredible body and the fascination of food and how they work together to achieve your potential.

Her dynamic style inspires change and action around food choices & lifestyle. PLUS they provide new strategies to accelerate the pathways to Mental & Physical Health, Weight Loss & Feeling Good.

A former teacher, Helen is well known from her radio broadcasts and has presented her unique pitch on nutrition and lifestyle to more than 55 public health forums and to more than 80 schools and a long list of organisations, businesses and conferences.

 "If you are feeling tired, ill, moody, irritable, anxious or forgetful, are not sleeping well and are prone to cravings and bingeing,", says Helen, "it just means you could do with a bit of a "tune up".

People with heart conditions, digestive problems, cancer, diabetes or arthritis, as well as people with high cholesterol, weight challenges and depression all can benefit from her Seminar.

It's all about improving the quality of your life.

Helen has a Diploma of Teaching and has over 30 years experience in education, nutrition, health, fitness & weight management and entertainment through public speaking

She has presented to many organizations including:

The Defence Department, ATO, Insurance Commission, WAPPA Conference (West Australian Primary Principals Association), SGIO, Hewlett Packard, Western Power, Water Corporation, Alcoa, Action Coach Business Coaching, TAFE, Dental Therapy Assoc, ABC, Australian Institute of Wholistic Medicine, ACSWA, Optometrist Association Conference, Practice Nurses Assoc, Rotary, Repco National Conference, Rural Women's Net Work, Mental Health Nurses and Practitioners, Australian Literacy Educators Assoc, WACCOS, Grow WA, BPW, Master Builders Association Women In Business, Weight Watches Federation, The View Group, South African Cricket Team, Curves Fitness Centres, Fernwood Women's Health Clubs, Contours, Bikram Yoga Centre, Fitness First, ACE Cricket Coaching, Conscious Living Expo, 6PR, ABC & Curtin Radio etc

Contact Details:

08 9310 8390

Cost: $795 per couple 

The Serpentine Retreat Centre, Lewis Road, Serpentine

(All inclusive - Workshops, Special Tantra Pack, Special Guest Speakers, All Meals and Accommodation).

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