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A Tantric approach to Life Counselling and Relationship Harmony
Established in 2006

Christmas Offer


Ladies do you want to know the secrets to restore youthfulness, reclaim your sexual vitality, strengthen chi and experience orgasmic bliss?

Purchase a Jade Egg and receive a FREE beautiful Kama Sutra Love Heart Gift Box set (Chocolate or Strawberry) all for the incredible value of just $49.99 (Normally $94.95 for both) + P&H.

Some of the incredible benefits of using the Jade Egg enable women to reclaim their sexual vitality, sexual power, libido, orgasmic bliss, restore youthfulness, strengthen chi, experience fullness in the breasts, sensitivity in the nipples and more sexual secretions. By practicing with the Jade Egg techniques woman can defer menopause, have less bleeding and cramping. The practice is also brilliant for incontinence and other female pelvic and genital conditions by strengthening the pelvic floor.

Please visit to redeem your order. Offer is valid until the 26th December 2014.