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A Tantric approach to Life Counselling and Relationship Harmony
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Certified Tantra Training 2021

This lovely piece of writing was written by a gorgeous student who has just completed her Certified Module 1 and 2 Tantra and Esoteric Philosophy Training.
Thank you so much for sharing from your heart Christie.
How tantra transformed my life:
Before I tried tantra, I felt like I had lost my light and I was in the dark and I didn’t know how to find my way back into the light. Once I started connecting to my body, breath & presence, that helped me to bring me back into the light and rebirth myself into the best version of me. Like a phoenix rising from the ashes. The breathwork is what felt the most transformative to me, being self aware to what my body is telling me, my body was lighting up and telling me yeah! I am here for you and being more aware of my energy.
Tantra also brought me back to being a women, it has made my juices and libido going again. Lol... I noticed that the masculine energy shifted around me as I was celebrating being a woman and shifting into my divine feminine essence. I learned to tap into my inner power and ask for what I want, be assertive and create healthy boundaries. I longer feel the need to chase after men, to get love. Tantra empowered me to learn how to love myself, I can satisfy myself and whomever is meant to share that with me will.
What Tantra means to me:
Tantra helps you to shed the layers of your personality and hear the unique tone of your soul. You also start to feel an awakening happening inside you, which allows you to connect to the divine and speak your truth and not be afraid of being persecuted. It helps you to overcome your fears and to face your shadow self, so you can become the best version of yourself. Tantra makes you feel more alive. (Christie 2020)
If you are searching for a burst of spiritual inspiration to start your 2021, these are our PERTH training dates so far (more dates announced soon).