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A Tantric approach to Life Counselling and Relationship Harmony
Established in 2006

Celebrating Sacred Love - Couple's Weekend Retreat

"Taking your relationship from the ordinary to the extraordinary"

A wonderful weekend getaway created for couple's to enjoy quality time whilst celebrating the essence of Sacred Love.

Facilitated by Cathy Wood and Dr Kennan Elkman Taylor

17th and 18th October 2015


$795 per couple

Whether you want to re-ignite the passion back into your relationship, learn techniques to enhance lovemaking or simply build closer intimacy and connection with your partner, then this weekend getaway is definitely for you!

Held at the magnificent Smiths Beach Resort, pure heaven for beach lovers!  The Resort is the quintessential Australian beachside experience. It offers some of the finest resort style accommodation and facilities in Western Australia, making it the ideal base to embark on your Margaret River experience.

Nestled between Cape Naturaliste and Cape Leeuwin, this architectural award-winning Small Luxury Hotel of the World provides the ideal base to embark on your Margaret River experience.


Cathy Wood - Founder of the Sanctuary of Ananda (Relationship Educator)

Dr Kennan Elkman Taylor - Dr Taylor is a pioneer in the fields of holistic health and personal development.  He is passionate about assisting people in the healing arts.  These are particulary in human sexuality, soul work and their connection to our spiritual purpose and direction through education, ritual and ceremony.

Kennan holds degrees in medicine and physiology from Longdon and Oxford Universities.  He has also qualified in nutritional medicine, environmental science and analytical psychology.  His research in complementary health and spiritual growth is extensive.

A former general practitioner, Kennan now works exclusively as a counsellor, psychotherapist and shamanic practitioner. He runs online education and training courses in holistic life coaching and counselling.

Kennan is a published author of five books in medicine, sexuality and spirituality.  He currently chairs the Society for Holistic Shamanism and directs the Psychospiritual Medicine Project at Ganieda Sanctuary near Albany.

Kennan lists his main interests as Anglo-Celtic spirituality, shamanism and its expression in Anglo-Saxon medicine, alchemy and magic, as well as modern disciplines and eastern traditions that reflect these traditions.

About Tantra and Western Sexuality

Tantra is an ancient art of blending sexuality with spirituality empowering the body mind and spirit through sexual energy. Tantra starts with knowing and healing thyself and then can be integrated into creating a beautiful, harmonious relationship that connects two people emotionally, physically and spiritually. Sex becomes making love, pleasure becomes ecstasy. The history of Tantra dates back over 10,000 years and the teachings are global, people from all walks of life, religions and nationalities practice Tantra.

Tantric Retreats are a fun filled, dynamic and profound way to experience more love, joy and pleasure in your relationship and a deeper insight into the world of sacred love.  There is no nudity involved in this Retreat.

Your weekend getaway includes:

  • The History and Philosophy of Tantra
  • Advanced Pranayama - Tantric breathing for relxation and mind control
  • Grounding techniques to create stillness and become present in the 'moment'
  • Meditation for deeper focus, clarity and energy known as "Santi" (experiencing spiritual peace)
  • Stimulation and activation of the 5 senses through taste, touch, sound, sight and smell
  • Techniques for stronger erection strength and control
  • Creating Sacred Space to connect to the higher aspect of what Sacred Love feels and looks like
  • The "roles" of the masculine/feminine - the polar opposites of duality to unity
  • Communication - the art of listening and speaking with clarity
  • Orgasms - The cultivation and healing power of orgasmic bliss for men and women
  • The healing power of touch - how to give pleasure and how to receive pleasure
  • Tantra Asanas - Kama Sutra Sexual Positions - Understanding how sexual energy moves, flows, cultivates and more importantly why?
  • What makes women tick? - Journey into the deepest ocean of the heart of the feminine and learn to really see, feel, pleasure and understand a woman on every level - emotionally, physically and spirituality.
  • Body Work........and much much more!

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