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A Tantric approach to Life Counselling and Relationship Harmony
Established in 2006

An Mo Tantric Massage

An Mo Tantric Massage is back!!!!

For many years now I have not offered my exquisite An Mo Tantric Massage (except to teach this in the Accredited Tantra Training's) however for the month of NOVEMBER only I am coming out of retirement and personally offering this divine massage again to both men and women.

The intent is to donate half of the cost of each massage to the fund raiser "Rally for Rachel" my beautiful and cherished Soul Sister. Rachel is a Perth woman in need of help from the local community to raise funds for a lifesaving treatment in Austria. Without it, the prognosis is devastating 😔

Rachel has exhausted all avenues in Australia and this is her final hope (you can find out more about her story at the link below).


For thousands of years, An Mo traditional Chinese massage and has been practiced to relax muscles and strengthen joints. An Mo is an ancient pressing and rubbing technique, An meaning “press” and Mo meaning “rub”. The massage produces heat which is known as "Chi" (life force) and thus increases blood flow to the body and energy system.

An Mo Tantric touch goes beyond just the physical enjoyment to the deepest healing power of love. When we touch with the intention to give love, to make someone feel good, we 'feed' that person love, a similar metaphor of watering a thirsty plant. Scientist state we have approximately 62 trillion cells in the human body and the teachings of Tantra believe that every cell has a divine consciousness, a superior intelligence, just like that of a computer system, this wisdom understands love and fear, positive and negative for the true journey of Tantra is "Duality to Unity". When the cells receive unconditional love, they vibrate, pulsate, and rejuvenate with nourishment, energy and vitality.

This exquisite ancient Chinese massage comes from one of the Taoist Lineages of the White Tigress and fuses together the triangles of energy: Chi (Life Force), Ching (Rejuvenation for restoration and cultivation) and Shen (Spirit/Soul).

During An Mo Tantric Massage the body comes alive, it's a feeling of being fully present, fully alive, yet deeply relaxed, it is a state of Samadhi (a oneness with all things).

An Mo is a beautiful gift for your body mind and spirit.

For all bookings please click on the link below. Places will fill quickly.