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A Tantric approach to Life Counselling and Relationship Harmony
Established in 2006

An amazing Christmas Gift

This is our last amazing Workshop that is being offered for 2014 which is facilitated in a safe, nurturing and professional environment.  There is no open nudity and screens are placed around each couple for privacy. 

This is truly a beautiful space for yourself and your beloved to venture into the world of sacred love through touch.

When was the last time you and your partner really connected, communicated, shared sacred space and became mesmerized in each other's touch and presence?

This Workshop was created for Couple's to embrace the Gift of Love through Tantric Touch.

Tantric touch goes beyond just the physical enjoyment to the deepest healing power of love.  When we touch with the intention to give love, to make someone feel good, we 'feed' that person love, a similar metaphor of watering a thirsty plant.  Scientist state we have 62 trillion cells in the human body (vehicle) and the teachings of Tantra believe that every cell has a divine consciousness, a superior intelligence, just like that of a computer system, this wisdom understands love and fear, positive and negative for the true journey of Tantra is "Duality to Unity". When the cells receive and feel unconditional love, they vibrate, pulsate, rejuvenate and renew with energy and vitality. 

An Mo is an exquisite ancient chinese massage that opens the energy channels of Chi (Life Force), Ching (Sexual rejuvenation for restoration and cultivation) and the Shen (Spirit).  When all three channels merge, the body comes alive, it's a feeling of being fully present, fully alive, yet deeply relaxed, it is a state of Samadhi (a oneness with all things).  

Massage and touch is a wonderful tool to bring more pleasure, depth and intimacy into love-making, to be used as part of foreplay or simply as a time-out experience with no expectations other than to be indulged, nurtured and loved unconditionally.  When we learn to surrender to pleasure, we also heal and energise and reach new heights of sensitivity to orgasmic energy. Sensual touch is one of the most beautiful experiences of love we can give to our beloved.

This workshop will also focus on the foundation practices of Tantra through breathing practices - to move sexual energy through the body, grounding - to become centred in the moment and strong in your core energy, heart connection- to connect physically, emotionally and spiritually in other words to really MAKE LOVE and move from duality to UNITY which is SACRED LOVE.


  • Cost:             $500 per couple 
  • Dates:           9th November 2014
  • Times:          10am to 5pm
  • Venue:          The Sanctuary of Ananda PERTH
  • Session includes Tantra Gift
  • Bookings:     Please book online or email [email protected]
  • Gift Vouchers available at the Online Tantra Shop
  • Payment Options
  • Includes lunch consisting of an delicious Aphrodisiac Platter, Tantra Massage Manual, Tantric Massage Oil and Gourmet Chocolates compliments from the Sanctuary.

    (Please note: There is no need to have had any prior experience in massage or tantra to participate in this workshop).