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A Tantric approach to Life Counselling and Relationship Harmony
Established in 2006

Amazon Best Seller

I never thought in my wildest dreams that we would ever be able to say that YNot is now an Amazon best seller but today that dream became a reality. 

Thank you so much to Shar Moore, Karen McDermott and to all the other phenomenal authors in our book release YNot.

YNot is a truly amazing book written by female leaders in different fields of expertise and the pivotal times in their life when they have said YNot, to life, career, adventure, freedom and self-empowerment!!!!!

In the book, I reveal and share parts of myself that are not commonly known. From being bullied all through my school years, having no confidence or self-worth to finding an outlet of freedom in the world of Harley Davidson to discovering the missing piece of the puzzle that embraced my femininity, light and soul........Tantra.

To purchase your copy today please visit www.theanandashop.com.au