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A Tantric approach to Life Counselling and Relationship Harmony
Established in 2006

Accredited Practitioner Training May 2017

Crying tears of joy and gratitude today for the honour and privilige of teaching this amazing group of people the life changing journey of Tantra.

As a group we embodied "harmlessness" an important and essential practice to any spiritual path of transcendence. In harmlessness we own what is ours, we have the will and courage to look into the mirror and we don't harm or blame another when we see our own personality failings if someone triggers our wounds. What this creates in... a group atmosphere is unity and "loving understanding" a feeling of being seen warts and all and still be held and loved for who we are. In just five short days (and there is no such thing as time on the spiritual path) we remembered we have always been family, we are bonded together as souls of light and our earthly journey will be forever cherished in our hearts.

Thank you to all the amazing students of life who stepped up in anticipation, enthusiasm, some in fear and nervousness, only to find your courage and your strength. For tantra is a journey that lifts the veil of glamour and illusion of fear and sabotage into liberation and freedom of unconditional love.

Tantra is liberation, liberation from the human kingdom of bondage and suffering and offers a passageway into the Divine.

What I offer in my teachings is an opportunity to learn a path that I trust and know as life changing. There are many paths to the "light" some quick ones some slow ones but ultimately they all lead us "back home" to Divinity.

A special thank you to Dave for holding the space for all and supporting me in my capacity to be the best teacher I can be. Thank you to my son Kale for sharing your wisdom and meditation skills in the training, at just 20 years old, you embody more wisdom, love and harmlessness than any one I know. I love you dearly Kale, you are my son in the human world and mentor in the spiritual world. Thank you to Nicky and all the beautiful people who volunteered their time and "bodies" to give the Practitioners an opportunity to practice "in the real world" their new found skills and last but not least my trusted dear friend and Administration Manager Donna, you are the wind beneath my wings. Your help and assistance is the back bone of the Sanctuary Don and I appreciate you more than you will ever know.

So for anyone considering learning Eastern Tantra, I will be teaching another training on the 4th November in Perth, we only have 2 places remaining. I consciously choose to teach small groups to ensure maximum learning exposure and to create a deeper bond and connection with each person who trains with me.

Always In loving gratitude,

Catherine xox

4th November 2017 Accredited Practitioner Training  Please click on the link here for further info