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A word on Kundalini

This article was written by my teacher and I wanted to share it with those that it will resonates with in the learning of unconditional love.

This article will not likely be met with a friendly response, but given the grotesque level of ignorance in the Western World regarding the subject of Kundalini, it has been deemed wise to break the present silence to offer a word of caution. Among the many emotional and unbalanced individuals who are blithely applying a trendy Eastern word to their overstimulated experiences and pretending these to be “spiritual”, are a small number of genuine seekers who are being harmfully misled by “teachers” who are Not qualified to teach. It is for the discerning and intuitive few that this post is offered. 

To be clear, Kundalini is not being taught in easily-accessed mainstream circles, nor will it ever be. It is only taught one-to-one in personal instruction by a Teacher of the Mysteries, and only after the student has studied, trained, and disciplined themselves for a certain span of years, and proved themselves ready. It must be understood that Kundalini is not a fashionable “awakening” or trendy “experience”, as it is often portrayed to be. Kundalini is a Force of Nature, harnessed and controlled only by initiates of a certain standing, and those who read these words who consider themselves to be among this number are overestimating themselves drastically. This divine Power is used by the world servers for divine ends only, and never for personal pleasure, blissful experiences, or bragging rights. 

The effects that people are claiming as Kundalini are in fact highly dangerous. Uncontrolled convulsions, trance seizures, random orgasmic spasms, “waves of energy”, and similar epileptic symptoms are Not Kundalini, nor are they even spiritual. And the wailing and howling that often accompany these degenerate practices paint a picture that would not be out of place in an insane asylum, which, tragically enough, is where many of these practices eventually lead, if carried forward over a number of years. True spiritual development does not include violent trembling, uncontrolled outbursts of emotion, screaming and thrashing, or the passive or collective trance states that rob their followers of their divine will and their sovereign strength and intellect. These techniques merely amplify the lower animal nature, and lead the hapless aspirants further from the Path, rather than closer to it. When one pictures an enlightened being, such as a Buddha or a Christ, does one picture a screaming or convulsing wreck, held in thrall either to passion or to trauma? I rather think not. Interesting, then, that so many aspirants follow “teachers” who lead them thus. 

What, you might ask, is actually occurring in these apoplectic fits, and these hypnotic convulsions? The aspirant, in a suggestable state, is permitting the energy of a group, or of the personal aura of the teacher (including their own impurities), or even of certain astral entities to flow and surge through them, without boundaries or defences or any awareness of the nature of these energies. In a trance or semi-hypnotic state, they abandon their senses to either the sexual forces of the body (or group of bodies), or to the uncontrolled astral (emotional) energy of their present, their past, the group around them, or certain sub-planes of the astral world that stimulate sensations through the lower three chakras. It is often a combination of all these things, leading to a frenzied and animalistic fit, sometimes pleasurable because it also flows through the nerves such as the sex organs, and sometimes traumatic because it triggers unresolved issues or attunes the individual to the pain of the wider human condition. It can sometimes feel like bliss, and appear wonderful or even divine instead, but this is due to a surge of higher astral energy through the solar plexus and maybe the heart chakra, which brings wonderful feelings, but is itself a beautiful lie on account of it being only astral, not divine, and because it happens in an uncontrolled state which means it can neither be understood properly nor used at will. This process, in All cases listed here, makes a person dangerously prone to trance and weakness, prone to surges of disorienting astral energy at any time of day, it continually destabilises or unbalances their emotional states and their hormones, and gradually destroys the protective etheric webbing over the chakras that constitute a defence against planar energy which most of humanity is unable to handle. Prolonged practice therefore leads either to serious illness or various forms of insanity. 

The question may arise – does Kundalini ever actually manifest in certain cases, rather than the above explanation of negative symptoms? The answer is Rarely, but Yes, and for those few who are spiritually gifted enough to begin to raise the Kundalini Fire without knowing precisely what they are doing, the situation is much more dire than that written above, and a thousand times more dangerous. Ordinary humans, without significant training, are no more capable of enduring Kundalini than they are capable of standing next to a nuclear reactor without harmful effect. I met one of my own students under these circumstances, and she was not only experiencing excruciating pain in the lower spine, but was psychologically unravelling also, as astral and manasic impressions flooded her consciousness and made her question herself and all of reality. It took us four months to stabilise and subsequently reverse the condition, and had she ended up in either a hospital or the mental health system instead, she would have been lost for this lifetime. She is doing well now, but she is Not using Kundalini force. 

Watch carefully your reaction to these words. Do you feel recognition and truth? Hostility and defensiveness? Do you believe you know this subject already, or are you open to learn? As to what you should do in relation to any teachings you have access to at present, there is only one primary necessity – Use Your Discernment. Question yourself. Do you know what you are doing? Does just sensing an energy surging through you mean you also know what it is, from which plane it emanated, and to what purpose it should serve? Question the “teachers” too, because if they cannot explain their position, it is not to be trusted. And if their techniques do not lead to clarity, insight, healing or growth, they are not worthy of loyalty. Certain of these “schools” are doing great harm to people in need, and they should know that they are now being watched. 

– A