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A Tantric approach to Life Counselling and Relationship Harmony
Established in 2006

A Beautiful Poem Written by RP (a client of mine)


Along the journey of life paths may start far apart, come together, share each others space and part their ways, to sometimes cross again or maybe explore completely separate parts of the universe.

When two paths cross there is the opportunity to learn, share, care and drink together from the fountain of life, to experience pleasure, fulfillment and joy, before each one's journey carries you along to somewhere else.  No long term commitment is made, but memories and feelings maybe cherished for ever.

When you are along your journey there are times when you are focussed on others and not on your own path. You feel lost, tired or do not feel anything at all.

You may not realise you are on part of the path which is shared and you miss the opportunity to refresh yourself.

Or you may be scared to be sharing the path, not sure where it may lead or how long it will be shared.  Maybe you do not want the sharing to end.

But always be aware that at times you need to be focussed on yourself, your soul and your spirit for these may need refreshment - so, walk up to the fountain and drink deeply for oneself, share your path for a while and enjoy the journey.

......some reflections on Tantra.