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A Tantric approach to Life Counselling and Relationship Harmony
Established in 2006

Spiritual Mentorship Program

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Spiritual Mentorship Program - In person Perth and Live Stream 

To be held each fortnightly Saturday 10am to 1pm and commencing on the 12th September 2020

The need to constantly learn and grow is essential on our path towards self-realisation and the journey to achieve and experience Santi, that which is inner spiritual peace. Quite often when we learn a new skill or certain techniques at development courses or workshops our intent to continue practicing can become somewhat diminished or stagnate through the resistance of the lower personality and life’s busy challenges. 

So much so that I have been contemplating and meditating on this aspect for quite some time now and have come to the realisation that it is extremely important to be able to utilise a nurturing space where ongoing learning is available and applied with the intent to unlock and discover deeper layers of self and the barriers that prevent us from continuing a disciplined path of learning and growing. 

So I am pleased to introduce a very unique and specific Spiritual Mentorship Program which is designed for those who have previously completed any prior training or regular private sessions with the Sanctuary and who are serious and committed to walking a deeper path towards self-knowledge, self-realisation and self-love. 

This Mentorship Training offers: 

  • Fortnightly training in person and live stream in a sacred and commited study group atmosphere 
  • Ongoing Esoteric and Tantra knowledge
  • Personalised tuition and support in your own personal journey
  • How to create a routine structure for regular study and practice 
  • Guest Speakers 

If you are interesting in this Mentorship Program then please fill out the booking form and I will respond asap.