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Established in 2006

Men's Workshop

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Learn Ancient Chinese Sexual Secrets for Men  

Kept secret from the public for centuries and exclusively reserved for the Emperor of China and his royal court -  learn these powerful sexual secrets now and transform your sex life! 

Taoist priests and Buddhist monks have studied and experimented with the potent sexual energy that we all have running through our bodies for over a thousand years. Through their wisdom and experimentation they have discovered ways to harness, cultivate and transform sexual energy to promote health, longevity and spiritual enlightenment - as well as increasing sexual pleasure and performance. 

The techniques covered in this workshop will include:

  • The acupressure technique you can use to prolong sex and prevent ejaculation
  • The Male Deer Exercise to increase pleasure, performance and sexual energy
  • The seven sex positions from the ancient Chinese sexual manual - The Plain Girl Classic
  • Thrusting techniques for greater stamina and pleasure
  • Sexual techniques and positions that promote healing
  • The way to safely circulate sexual energy
  • The potential dangers of cultivating sexual energy and how to deal with them
  • The exploration of the roles and functions of Yin (Feminine energy) and Yang (Masculine energy) 

About Simon Boylan

Simon Boylan has studied and practiced Qigong for over 15 years, including Sexual Qigong, Buddhist and Taoist Medical Qigong, and Health and Longevity Qigong. He is highly skilled in Qigong practices with lineages going back centuries to the Buddhist monks of the Shaolin Temple and Taoist priests of the Wu Dang mountains. He has graduated from Monash University with Honours in Philosophy and is well versed in Taoist and Buddhist Philosophy. He has also studied Traditional Chinese Medicine at RMIT University and holds a comprehensive understanding of the theory behind the experience of Qigong.