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A Tantric approach to Life Counselling and Relationship Harmony
Established in 2006

Women's Tantra Workshop - The Way of the Heart BYRON BAY

Are you always giving and nourishing outwardly to everything and everyone around you sometimes forgetting the most important person to be nourished first is yourself?

Did you know that in Hindu Tantra women learn to embody and awaken their “Shakti” meaning “Goddess”? 

This goddess aspect is not based on ego, it is not about aspiring to be a beauty queen, or a model, nor is it based on feminine ego.  Shakti is the inner beauty and nurturance that radiates from a woman’s heart.

When the feminine heart radiates harmony, love and compassion allowing divine unconditional love to flow freely from the centre point of each woman, honouring the wisdom of her heart, knowing it’s divine perfection – and in this grace her heart is all powerful and feminine.

Yoga Tantra is one of the world's oldest holistic practices, a journey into "know thyself" SELF-REALISATION and the Path of Purification known as "Santi" to achieve inner spiritual peace.

This heartfelt Workshop will focus on sacred practices and meditations to nourish your femininity, embody wisdom, shine unconditional love and live your life as a fully consciously empowered wildly feminine woman.

If your curious and ready to be awakened, if you are called to be challenged in a good way and if you are ready to look deeper into your soul than ever before then we warmly invite you beautiful woman to join us for this phenomenal weekend embracing the radiant heart of the Divine Feminine.

The Way of the Heart will help you embody the highest form of all feminine energy known as unconditional love. This energy often referred to in Hindu Tantra as Shakti is the aspect of light which is nourishment, nurturance and love in all its purest form. When this energy is flowing as an open conduit we step onto the path of self-love and the awakening of self-realisation.

Cathy Wood

What you will experience in this Workshop:

  • Meditations for deeper focus, clarity and energy known as "Santi" (inner spiritual peace)
  • Breathing and grounding techniques to awaken the heart and mind
  • The famous Jade Egg practice for cultivation (storing) and rejuvenation of sexual energy
  • The secret teachings of White Tigress breast care and womb massage
  • The roles of the masculine/feminine - the polar opposites of duality to unity
  • Love your body, know your body.  Sensual and Mediative Dance
  • Communication skills to assist and empower you in every area of your life
  • Sacred women's meditations to embody sensuality and femininity
  • The Seven Sacred Heavens of seduction and attraction techniques (everything you ever wanted to know about the masculine and what turns him on!)
  • Sacred Love (taking your relationship from the ordinary to the extraordinary)

Your Facilitator:

Cathy Wood – Relationships and Sexuality Educator

Cathy Wood, founder of the Sanctuary of Ananda (2006) is a practicing Tantrika in the traditional arts of Kaula, Mishra and Samaya Tantra as well as a dedicated White Tigress and the practises of the Tao.  Cathy has taught hundreds of people internationally and throughout Australia, guiding them on their journey of health and wellbeing.