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A Tantric approach to Life Counselling and Relationship Harmony
Established in 2006

INTIMACY. What's that again?



The word ‘intimacy’ comes from the Latin word ‘intermatum’ which means ‘within’. In Kaula Tantra we discover this Sacred Place within ourselves and with our beloved, intertwining and merging our hearts, body, mind and soul.

Over the many years of studying and teaching Sacred Sexuality, I have discovered two profound insights; physical sex and emotional sex, the two are completely separate like standing on the shore of a beach looking at the ocean. Most people are dancing in one or the other never fully discovering the duality of the two as a oneness which creates UNITY. When we learn tantric skills, techniques and meditations for deeper communication, trust, safety and respect we can truly be intimate with our partner, knowing and sharing all of who we are from the physical to the spiritual. This is what I call the ingredients for emotional sex. It is one of the most important dynamics to a lasting and fulfilling relationship, it is the core foundation and the domino effect is a beautiful connection that takes you into the heights of ecstasy that the practice of Tantra is so famous for. When we are fully ready to expand consciousness and merge with another we unveil this truth, this knowing. We then allow the Universal flow of creative passion, expression and energy to fulfill us with the oneness of Sacred Love.

Workshop Contents:

  • The secrets to deeper intimacy and connection with your partner on all levels, physically, emotionally, sexually and spiritually
  • The chemistry of masculine feminine energy
  • Sacred love making techniques to heighten pleasure and cultivate sexual energy
  • The art of communication and the wisdom of what to share, when, how and where
  • Tips on how to create an intimate sacred space
  • How to create important quality and fulfilling sacred time together within life’s busy commitments
  • The Five Love Languages
  • Awakening the Five Senses for passionate delight
  • Body work and body talk