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A Tantric approach to Life Counselling and Relationship Harmony
Established in 2006

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Science of the Soul - 6 Week Webinar Series

Monday 6th April @ 7pm Australian, Western Standard Time

Within these shifting times of social isolation due to a global corona virus pandemic we have a clear choice in front of us; to be frozen by fear and influenced by the vibrations of panic and worry, or to gravitate towards wisdom and light whilst remaining responsible, mindful and careful to the reality at hand.

You are invited to join the Science of the Soul 6 Week Webinar Series - to develop spiritual qualities that will govern the new-age. Hosted by Daniello Greco of the Australian Institute of Tantra Training.

This online learning pathway will introduce esoteric concepts and practical insights in which reflective pondering may aid personality refinement, and become an invitation to the path of ‘TRUE’ self-mastery.

We welcome all wisdom seekers who aspire to learn foundations of the mysteries and to experience deeper understandings of Soul consciousness.

Science of the Soul includes:

• Access to esoteric wisdom and spiritual sciences describing the laws, planes and energies presiding over our universe;
• Guidance toward embodied personality alignment and consciousness development;
• An introductory pathway towards a deeper contact and relationship with Soul;
• Self-development strategies through esoteric-psychology.

The intention is for you to be able to create a formidable vibration of light to counteract the energies of uncertainty and fear which is present in our global community.

Within each form lies hid the Soul. Within any group lies a source of potent energy, again the Soul.

  • Webinars are held on a private Zoom chatroom. You will need to click the link which will be sent to you via email after registration and payment.
  • Webinars will run for 90 min each.
  • Please arrive to the webinar 5 minutes early.
  • Classes are $15 each or the 6 week series can be purchased upfront for $75.

“The enterprise upon which you are entering is a tremendous one; it involves a re-orientation of your life and life methods” – A.A.B