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Discover and Embody Your Sacred Purpose

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Discover and Embody Your Sacred Purpose - Evolving As a Human - Waking Up As Soul


“Sacred Purpose is power in service, love in activity and the energy of liberation. This must be known in a triple sense as the energy that liberates the self, the aspiring loving activity that serves the many and the ability to respond spontaneously with loving-wisdom in each and every moment” - DG

We as humans, are at the precipice of an extraordinary stage of development.

We are positioned on the razors edge for an extreme advancement from survival to luminous authenticity, becoming our highest expression. In this [new] age of evolution, we are no longer blinded by inherited ideals and archaic models of the past that have conditioned, molded, and defined us simply into roles and duties within society. Whatever programmed identities that we took on became our masks or disguises. As we move into this emerging new-age, we are invited into an inquiry of authenticity, expansion, growth, and genuine will to walk a path that is uniquely our own.

What is my true purpose - my highest purpose that is uniquely encoded into my full being, a purpose that sets my heart ablaze?

I mean, who am I? I know I’m not just a man/woman, parent/professional, husband/wife… who is this being that has so much potential - yet I don’t have a clue who I really am? The quest for our true path is a sacred one, it should be as natural as love. Yet our authentic self is often suppressed by the sheer volume of social dogmas, distractions, and disguises. We are only ever a fraction of our truest self, and are beginning to realise that we are capable of something more - a deeply radical and energised version of ourselves, upon a sacred path, designed with a sacred plan, infused with the force of purpose, illuminated by the light of awareness. We are not haphazard collections of atomic particles, flung together by chance. We are highly organised, conscious beings, able to align with deep-seated ageless wisdom and grace. Humanity wasn’t created to simply survive and exist. Behind our governing thoughts, feelings, and ideals lies an immaculate harvest of unlimited divine potential. An abundance of gifts, lessons, opportunities, and intuitions all ready to uncover and align with. This untapped bosom of sacred gold is awaiting liberation.

Are you ready to Embody Your Sacred Purpose?

At the root of our human core, we are embedded with copious, potent forces that are fertile with possibility.

This potential was never meant to remain inert, or hide beneath the illusions of our belief constructs. It was meant to be embodied and cultivated into our daily lives, guiding us on our highest paths, motivating us towards deeper connections with our unique expression of joy. In spite of the dedicated torrents of energy we have spent in order to maintain the illusion of the separated self, there is a divine spark and point of light within each heart.
Each human birth is vitally important to the ecology of the whole and has a part to play in this sacred dance of life. Each of us is responsible to integrate ourselves into the truth of ourselves and offer the intentions, gifts, and contributions awaiting to be given. There is a blossoming lotus within all of us just waiting for us to call it in and when it is fully embodied, your magnificence will rightly radiate and irradiate joy throughout the world, through your heart and to your closest connections.

This workshop, Discover and Embody Your Sacred Purpose guides your journey of determining the paths you are here to travel, the growth you are here to develop, and the qualities of soul you are here to embody.

Please join in and discover GROWING up as a human and WAKING up as soul.

In this workshop, you will…

• Generate an adaptive pathway to living a life of meaning, purpose, value and joy.
• Learn esoteric techniques that will evolve your embodiment of higher self.
• Release limiting ideals, desires, behaviors, resentments, and fears that isolate you from your Sacred Purpose.
• Develop your intuitive sensing intelligence.
• Cultivate a healthy relationship and connect to your qualities of soul.
• Be able to be loved more and capable to love others more.
• Cultivate mental awareness, focus, concentration, and positively charging the mind.
• Cause positive effect in the world with your unique qualities.

**Lunch and herbal teas are included**

My Story of Embodying Sacred Purpose

Hi I’m Daniello. I’m passionate about facilitating this workshop. My journey of finding and embodying my sacred purpose is probably a familiar one. I knew that ever since I was a young boy, there was something within me that had trouble accepting that life was to be a series of weeks, months and years that were supposed satisfy my hunger for an epic life - a life well lived.

I aspired to more than mediocrity, I saw myself travelling the world, renown for reaching the pinnacle of success. So off I went with my ideals, deciding that I was to be a creative, culinary genius. I left school at the tender age of 15, and graduated as professional chef 4 years later at one of the most prestigious 5 star hotels here in WA. I was ambitious and wanted to be the best at my craft. I began solo travelling internationally, scoping out the territory for my next move.

I made my way to the UK to take a job as Head Saucier of a magnificent hotel on the south coast of England. Life was good, I managed a team of 4, became the youngest chef in my position before anyone I had ever known, and was set to rocket into a culinary prestige way ahead of my peers. I had money, women, respect, good times, and a big fat chefs ego. I ended up moving up in the culinary world to an even finer hotel, with a fatter ego, and more opportunity to succeed. After some time, the Executive Chef asked me to join him to build a team at a super posh manor with (only) 23 opulent rooms and a 3 AA Rosette rated restaurant (which is pretty darn high). Of course I accepted; ego inflated, bags packed, I was preparing the best food I had ever imagined.

I was at the pinnacle of my career, and on the road to worldly success, before i had even turned 23! Yet in the midst of my enveloping career, there was a crisis building, accompanied by a subtle, quiet voice that came from within over the 14hr days, and noisy kitchen brigade. It spoke to me in dreams, feelings, and in ways that only my heart could understand. From an objective perspective, this voice made zero sense - following this calling, the tension had built up, my stress levels at work had peaked, and I broke down.

One particular day, I had a rare experience, for the first time I had a vision of myself from beyond myself, and I could hardly believe who I had become. I was an extremely critical perfectionist, who demanded excellence, who raged, and who was red faced with anger on a daily basis. I threw plates, I abused staff, I pushed myself beyond what any normal human being would consider sane. The next day I watched myself handing in my notice, as I couldn’t go on like this. I despised who I had become and realised that being a tyrant was definitely not my purpose - let alone a Sacred Purpose.

I took some time from the chaos of the culinary world, and strangely enough found myself working door to door, raising money for charities in the UK. Amongst the debris that was slowly settling from an overload of tension, I enjoyed being face to face with everyday people, hundreds of them on a daily basis. I learned so much walking the streets, sometimes being invited into peoples homes, sometimes being chased out of a council estate… I was witnessing life as it really was, not as I had imagined it. I saw the generosity of people, listened to their stories, shared some of my own - the voice inside became clearer - and I was listening.

That little voice lead me on a journey of curiosity. I began recognising my behaviours, motivations, impulses, and ideals. The material world seemed to carry less significance to me, and I progressed into some deep soul searching.
Over the last 20 years, I have continued to iron out my defects of character, the psychological work certainly wasn’t always easy. I had many confronting moments, dealing with divorce as a single parent with three beautiful children, my personal childhood abuse issues, which had been playing out in less than desirable ways such as substance abuse, promiscuity, and deep depression - yet I decided to push on and commit to character building. Over time, I became clearer, cleaner, softer, happier, and kinder. I felt more love in my life and had a deeper ability to give more love. My perceptions expanded - life was better.

Throughout this process, I had also gravitated towards many esoteric traditions, and cultivated a steady meditation practice. I particularly enjoyed Yogic philosophy, Qi Gong, and leaning specifically about the magical nature of the Soul. Somewhere on the path, I was introduced to an esoteric teacher and began to study esoteric-psychology with dedicated aspiration.

Now days, my life is richer than I could have ever dreamed of. Not in a materialistic sense, a purposeful and sacred sense. Although it is not always easy, as my sacred path sometimes asks more of me than ever before, yet I would never want to change a single thing. I no longer yearn for depth, meaning, value, or growth - these all flow in abundance. I know exactly why I am here and radiate with joy as I get to fulfill a purpose from the core of my heart. Of course there are challenges that arise, rainy days that feel like I’m heading in reverse.

I can meet these with a sense of grace though. I trust that the rhythm of my Sacred Purpose will crest with fresh energy, and that I can follow the lodestar of purpose; overcoming obstacles, growing through the lessons, and loving this sacred journey. I truly feel blessed!