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A Tantric approach to Life Counselling and Relationship Harmony
Established in 2006

Women's Tantra Counselling - Session 1

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In the Hindu tradition, women embody the divine feminine energy—also known as ‘Shakti’ energy. The practice of Tantra awakens the feminine aspect of our true spiritual nature.

Tantra touches the heart of the female Shakti so that every woman can reach that place within her self and find the beautiful goddess that represents her true spirit.

This ‘goddess’ aspect is not based on ego, is not about aspiring to be a beauty queen or a model, nor is it about being vain…but it is about the beauty within a woman’s heart.

The heart radiates harmony, love and compassion, allowing divine love to flow freely from the centre of each woman, honouring the wisdom of each heart, knowing its divine perfection—and in this grace the heart is all-powerful.

Awakening the Shakti within empowers a woman on all levels: mentally, physically, spiritually and sexually.

Women who practice Tantric sex become alive, vibrant, vital, orgasmic and powerful.


Catherine Wood - Author, Relationship and Sacred Sexuality Educator

Session 1

Awakening the Shakti within

Shakti, meaning sacred force, power or energy is the Hindu concept of the divine feminine aspect. Shakti represents the active dynamic principles of feminine power. Shakti is the female counterpart of Shiva, the energy that represents the male essence. On awakening this energy, you will be empowered on all levels: mentally, physically, spiritually and sexually.

The art of Tantric meditation

In Tantric practices we learn to become totally in the moment with our partner, to just be and let go of all outside thoughts and expectations and surrender to pleasure for pleasure’s sake. Tantric meditation creates a sacred space within us, enhancing our goddess energy and our lovemaking with our partner.

The art of Tantric breath and Grounding

The Tantric breath works in conjunction with the Chakras (energy centres) of the body. The breath keeps us focused, centred in the moment and moves sexual energy into the heart centre and into the "cave of brahman" also known as the Ajna Chakra so that sex becomes making love, pleasure becomes ecstasy, orgasms become "cosmic".  In this section we also focus on "chi" and "ching" energy.  Both are essential for the practice of tantra.

The ‘love muscle’

The ‘love muscle’, also known as the pubococcygeus or ‘pc muscle’, is found in both sexes and stretches from the pubic bone in front to the coccyx (tail-bone), forming the floor of the pelvic cavity and supporting the internal organs. A well-developed pc muscle enhances sex and orgasms and helps reduce urinary incontinence. In this section we look at the benefits of having a strong pc muscle in Tantric lovemaking, increasing the sensitivity to orgasmic energy.

The nine levels of orgasmic energy/Ambrosia Female Ejaculation

A woman in orgasm can be described as a blooming lotus flower. A woman experiencing complete orgasm—all nine levels of orgasm—undergoes nine stages of ‘blossoming’. Many men only know how to take a woman to level four, as around level four is when most men ejaculate. Hence a woman is unable to reach level nine and reach her true Shakti peak. In Hinduism a woman’s energy is likened to water, whilst man’s energy is like fire. Water puts fire out too quickly, hence men become drained and women become frustrated. This section will teach you how to teach your partner the nine levels of orgasmic energy, how to ‘keep the water steaming’ and help him to ‘sustain his fire’ and become a better and more understanding lover.

The history of Tantra, the Goddess and the White Tigress

This section explores the history of Tantric practices throughout the ages, its origins, the spiritual concept of sacred sex and explains red Tantra, white Tantra and the White Tigress.
The art of "tantric touch"Techniques to tease and tantalise your partner bringing deeper intimacy, fun and playfulness into your relationship.  Tantric touch is based on "the feast of the senses" heightening the senses to euphoria of "touch"and the sensuality of the goddess.  In tantra you learn that an orgasm can be as electric as a kiss, an intimate moment, or simply "touch".  In this section you will learn the tools for lingam massage and also how to teach your partner to pleasure you.  Our mind is our biggest aphrodisiac.


Grounding creates core strength and let's us become more 'present' in our day to day world.  Grounding also strengthens and balances the base Chakra known as Muldahara. This Chakra is associated with 'survival' and governs our feelings on money, shelter, food, clothing and to some degree sexual energy.

White Deer and Ovarian Palace Breathing

Techniques to move and balance female sexual energy.  The White Deer stimulates natural hormones and prepares the body for whole body orgasm.  It is also known to help with PMS, Fibroids and many common women's ailments.  The Ovarian Palace breathing is a technique that slows down and eventually stops menstruation by circulating sexual energy through the microcosmic orbit.  A woman loses sexual energy through mensturation where the eggs and the uterine lining are evacuated whilst a man will lose his sexual energy through ejaculation of sperm.  Sexual energy is ching energy and this vital life force energy can be preserved through the practice of Ovarian Breathing.  Please note:  It is not advisable to practice this technique if you are trying to conceive or whilst you are menstruating.

Jade Eggs

An introduction to the 'Secret of the Goddess'.  Jade Eggs are an ancient goddess secret dating back 1000's of years.  The eggs come in different sizes and are made out of Jade.  Jade is a green luminous stone that is highly valued in Chinese Civilization.  Lapis Lazuli the blue stonge is refered to as the 'Goddess Stone' and awakens the third eye Chakra known as 'Ajna'.  The egg is inserted into the yoni and special techniques are taught to strengthen the yoni creating dextrity, healthy sexual organs, increased sensitivity leading to heightened states of experiencing electrifying multiple orgasms, understanding your yoni and her creative power, incontinence and other female pelvic and genital conditions and so much more.  Please note:  This is an introduction only.  Full Jade Egg practices are taught in the White Tigress Workshop and the Women's Sacred Practices CD below.