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A Tantric approach to Life Counselling and Relationship Harmony
Established in 2006

Men's Tantra Counselling

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Men's Private Tantra Counselling Sessions for: 

  • Premature Ejaculation
  • Non-Ejaculation
  • Impotence
  • Prostate Cancer
  • Relationship Counselling
  • Spiritual Guidance
  • Meditation for Relaxation

(Please see Men's Sensual Massage)

Tantra private counselling sessions for men are designed to guide you on a journey of deepening your knowledge understanding and techniques to create conscious loving and fulfilling relationships, embody your masculinity and open your heart centre to really see, know and understand the depths of a woman on every level.  

Every man wants to be an extraordinary lover but Tantra is so much more than just great sex; however sex is only one component to the true teachings of Tantra for it is a journey of "Know thyself" life. You don't have to be religious to practice Tantra, in fact Tantra is not a religion but simply put a 'way of life'. It is a system where sexual energy known as "ching" and life force energy known as "Chi" is used for cultivation and rejuvination to restore the body, mind and spirit back to a state of balance.  Just allow yourself to be open to explore life beyond the confines of what you think or have been lead to believe is 'gratification and recreational glamour sex'.

The sessions I have created are designed from years of experience and are recommended for men of all ages 18 and over whether in a relationship or single. Homework and practices of self discipline are an integral part of the sessions to achieve the maximum benefits of Tantra.

There is no sexual intercourse of any kind in the sessions offered at the Sanctuary as they have been designed and created for educational purposes only. The Sanctuary of Ananda teaches from a holistic viewpoint and our philosophy of sexual energy is not just pleasurable but empowering and replenishing the body with abundant 'chi' life force energy, restoring, rejuvinating and cultivating the life force. People who practice Tantra radiate from within. People who practice Tantra become extraordinary and amazing lovers! Quite often in relationships there is the element of great physical sex but the relationship itself is lacking in other components of communication and intimacy, or sometimes the relationship is great but the sex is not so great or even non-existent. Tantra helps bring balance back to all areas of our relationship from the physical to the emotional and to the spiritual.  In order to experience amazing physical sex, you must have the balance and understanding of emotional sex.  The two ingredients go together to create Unity and Unity is unconditional love.  Tantra emanates from 'within' to 'make love' you have to 'become love' to learn how to love and be open to giving, receiving and surrendering.  

Tantra teaches you the art of 'internal orgasms' and ejaculatory control so that sexual energy floods the entire body with waves of  bliss that lasts for long periods of time, healing and energizing every cell and organ in the body. In Tantric practice we often refer to this metaphor as 'Omni orgasmic' or 'cosmic orgasmic' which means full body orgasm and it is crucial that men learn to really open their heart centre during lovemaking. Unless there is bonding, intimacy and heart connection, the feel good hormone called oxytocin is not released into the body in large quantities.  For men just wanting the instant few seconds of sexual gratification or relief, the sessions the Sanctuary offers is not for you, however if you are seeking and desiring to find  more in life, a deeper purpose and more fulfilment, then practicing Tantra will certainly take you on a journey of self discovery.

Over the years I have had the absolute pleasure and delight of meeting and working with many wonderful clients from all walks of life, some of which have MS (Multiple Sclerosis) blindness, deafness, diabetes, prostate cancer and paraplegics. Tantra is for EVERYONE, there are no judgements with Tantra and you will be amazed at the benefits it will bring into your life. People learn Tantra for many reasons some of which range from general curiosity, to wanting to re-ignite the passion, premature ejaculation and erection issues, how to pleasure a woman, increase libido, sexual wounding and abuse, embracing the masculine energy, cultivating sexual energy, awakening the Kundalini, the list is endless.

I have been blessed to have  trained in India 25 years ago in the teachings of Kama Sutra and Tantra and I believe through the journey of Tantra I have embodied my femininity and sexuality on a deep and profound level.  With over 25 years experience and with teaching hundreds of private sessions to men, women and couples as well as training many Practitioners,  I feel I can state with humble honesty and grace that I hold a wealth of knowledge, experience and expertise in my field and a vast understanding of this beautiful practice. It is my absolute love and passion to guide you to not only become an amazing lover, but to create a beautiful healthy and fulfilling relationship, abundant health and vitality and a deeper understanding of the path of self-realization.

I look forward to meeting you and sharing the gift of Tantra.

Catherine Wood

What you will learn in this session:

  • Tantra history and philosophy (essential to the practice of tantra without it you are making a cake without the icing!)
  • Pranayama - Tantric breathing and thought control (all sexual dysfunction originates from the mind and incorrect breathing)
  • Grounding and Stillness to become present in the moment
  • Techniques to maintain strong erection strength and control (to overcome PE and sexual dysfunction)
  • Creating Sacred Space - Learning to let go of an agenda and outcome and experience the perfection of "oneness"
  • Energetic lovemaking techniques - Kama Sutra
  • Masculine/Feminine Energy - Bringing the balance of duality into unity
  • Learn how to understand and pleasure a woman on all levels to create deeper intimacy, love and trust into your relationship
  • Tantra Meditation for relaxation known as "Santi" inner peace"
  • Discover the unconscious patterns and imprints that block you from breaking free of old self limiting behaviours