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A Tantric approach to Life Counselling and Relationship Harmony
Established in 2006

ADELAIDE - Soul Filled Women's Empowerment Retreat

Ladies, are you looking for spiritual direction in 2019 to nourish your body, mind and spirit?

When was the last time you took time out from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and nourished your soul in a place of scenic paradise, blissful peace and beautiful company?

As women we are constantly giving and nourishing outwardly to everything and everyone around us.  We sometimes forget the most important person we need to nourish first is ourselves.

Soul Filled Women’s Weekend Retreat is for all women to explore, awaken and heal the deepest aspects of SELF through Art, Tantra and Yoga.


The word “Tantra” has been used with much misunderstanding in society today that many have been misled by the glamour and perception that Tantra is just about physical pleasure based in the lower centres (chakras) when in actual fact the true path of Tantra is Sadhana, a journey of discarding the layers of the lower personality nature through a deep inner soul searching journey that goes way and beyond the confines of just the form (the body - involution)

Tantra is a science of evolution, unlocking and decoding life’s many mysteries and discovering the mystery of self, self-realization, self-knowledge and self-love. When self-love is awakened, we recognize this as unconditional love in others, our community, humanity and the soul.

It is a beautiful Eastern Philosophy that teaches and emphasizes sacred love and how it can improve, enrich and perfect your relationship and your Self.  This Retreat is an introduction into this Sacred and Ancient Philosophy. 


Using a gentle creative process, Jesse will guide you through an interactive activity to access the possibility of new perspective and insight into your own inner knowing, allowing you to know yourself deeper.

Art Therapy is a form of psychotherapy involving the encouragement of free expression through metaphor and different type’s art media.

This will be a two-part process over both days.

On day one we will start to explore and create a series of symbols relating to aspects of ourselves. By taking abstract ideas or thoughts from the mind and creating an image or symbol to represent that in physical form, you begin to gain a wide range of new perspective around that idea.  

On day two we will use those symbols to deepen our self-knowledge by inquiry with observation and questioning. Here we deepen our ability to be the witness to our own story, create a new dialogue around self-talk and journal our findings.

Art Therapy is all about process over product!

Art therapy is not about the final outcome or how your piece looks, it is about how you feel making the art, your thoughts and self-talk your emotions and sensations while creating.

Art materials provided


Yin Yoga uses long held floor based postures to temporarily "stress" the deep connective Yin tissues in the body. Deep connective tissues in the body do not respond the same as muscles. They are able to resist brief stresses but slowly change when a moderate stress is maintained for a longer period of time (3-5 mins). Holding this stress with a connective tissue, to an appropriate edge, with muscles relaxed, for an extended period of time, creates a change in its fluids and results in a lengthening of the tissue and a feeling of space. This allows a greater movement of chi through the area, maintaining the health of the meridian system of the body, which is enjoyable and promotes the healing response.


  • Improves flexibility
  • Strengthens the immune system
  • Balances a yang yoga practice
  • Teaches physical relaxation and stillness
  • Promotes organ health
  • Heals imbalances in the energetic body
  • Removes blockages of Chi
  • Improves mental ease and stillness
  • Enhances clarity of the mind 

What your Soul Filled Retreat includes:

  • Transpersonal Art Therapy sessions for personal insight into your subconscious.
  • Meditations for deeper focus, clarity and energy known as "Santi" (inner spiritual peace)
  • Breathing and grounding techniques to awaken the heart and mind
  • What is personality (lower nature) and how to define the soul (higher self)
  • The famous Jade Egg practice for women for cultivation (storing) and rejuvenation of sexual energy
  • The secret teachings of White Tigress breast care and womb massage
  • The roles of the masculine/feminine - the polar opposites of duality to unity
  • Communication skills to assist and empower you in every area of your life
  • Sacred women's meditations and dance to embody sensuality and femininity
  • Sacred Love (how to take your relationship from the ordinary to the extraordinary)
  • Yoga

Extra Inclusions:

  • Meals provided at the Resort for Saturday - Morning Tea, Lunch and Dinner
  • Meals provided at the Resort for Sunday - Morning Tea and Lunch
  • A personalized copy of the Sanctuary's book "The Way of the Heart" Tantra empowerment for women and connecting with your soul
  • Art Supplies to make and create in Art Therapy
  • Personalized Journal and Carry Bag to take home your Art work


Acomodation is available should you wish to stay at the Resort during the Retreat.  Please contact the resort and make your reservations 

F A C I L I T A T O R S 


Catherine Wood founder of Sanctuary of Ananda - Focuses on Tantric and Esoteric Philosophies. Her passions lay in teaching humanity the core principles of sacred love which branches out into the fields of Tantric Sexuality, Kama Sutra, Esoteric teachings and Relationship Counselling.

Catherine is the author of “The Way of the Heart” Tantra Empowerment for women and has been featured on channel 9 'Do you know what women want', The Couch TV, and is a co-author in ExtraOrdinary Business Women 2017. In 2018 Catherine won Soulful Communicator at the Perth Convention Centre presented by Better Life Book Stores. She holds a wealth of experience and knowledge in all areas of Tantra which spans over 30 years.

Established in 2006, the Sanctuary is a Platinum Approved Accredited Tantra School with IICT (International Institute for Complementary Therapists) which offers Accredited Tantra Training, Workshops, Private Sessions and International Couples Retreats.

JESSE MILLER – Art Therapy 


Domestic Goddess and primarily a homemaker, providing loving care to her beloved husband of over 20 years and their 3 children.  Running a Transport business from home whilst her husband drives long hauls all over Australia means Jesse has a wide skill base ranging from truck and forklift driving to Swedish and Ayurveda Massage. 

Jesse’s passion of following her heart and deepening the love she has, lead her to Tantra and Art Therapy. 

Having completed an Advanced Diploma in Transpersonal Art Therapy from the Ikon Institute of Australia, Jesse started to study personal development and the launch of her business Luminescence Therapeutic Arts where she holds 1:1 art therapy sessions and group workshops. 

Jesse is also an Accredited Tantra Practitioner through the Sanctuary of Ananda, incorporating her knowledge of self-love into her work and daily life. 

Her other passions include being creative,  facilitating monthly sacred women’s circles, gardening, walking with her dogs, cooking clean healthy food and keeping a chemical free home for her family. 

Jesse feels privileged to share her learning with others so they too may see doorways into all possibilities.


What draws a person to the practice of yoga is often so deeply personal it can be hard to express.

When speech pathologist Linda Carofano injured her neck in a car accident in 2004, she discovered yoga. What began as a journey to rebuild and strengthen her wellbeing quickly turned into a lifelong passion as she immersed herself in the theory and practice of yoga. For more than 14 years Linda’s love for sharing the practice of yoga in a supportive, engaging and authentic environment has taken her around the world; from international seminars and competitions to undergoing intensive teacher training in San Diego and being mentored by some of the world’s most renowned yoga teachers.

Linda was involved in Adelaide’s first hot yoga studio and is the founder and owner of Bikram Yoga Glenelg and Bikram Yoga Modbury. Over the past 10 years Linda has remained at the forefront of innovative yoga practice in Australia: including designing one of the most rigorous and broad-reaching yoga teacher training programs in Australia. Linda’s most recent project, Master the Mountain, is a unique in-school program that combines the disciplines of speech therapy, mindfulness and yoga to empower primary school-aged children with the skills and self-knowledge for clarity of mind and emotional resilience.

Linda has recently completed meditation and mindfulness training and still trains and teaches at her Modbury and Glenelg studios.