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A Tantric approach to Life Counselling and Relationship Harmony
Established in 2006

About the Training Program

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"If you are ready to be challenged in a safe way, if you are ready to be awakened from the glamour's of the spiritual path and if you are willing to see your true self deeper than ever before then this training program is calling you"



My journey with Tantra has been intensive, both challenging and rewarding to say the least. Before I created the Sanctuary of Tantra in 2006, I had the privilege of studying the first path of Tantra known as Kaula in India 25 years ago and many years later worked for the Australian School of Tantra as well as partaking in study with Dr Jonn Mumford (Swami Anandakipila) author of Ecstasy through Tantra, Master Alex Lim and now my current teacher.  I honour and respect all of my teachers for their guiding light, wisdom and insight into not only the world of sacred sexuality but spirituality and the deep path of self-realisation. I believe the role of a spiritual teacher is not to 'flower and sugar coat' the glamorous life that the West projects as a Tantrika, Dakini or Tantra Goddess, but rather to open all doorways within the conscious and unconscious mind to the true expansion and expression of what authentic Tantra encompasses.

This training program although designed on one level to teach the physical aspects of Tantra, is also aimed at the spiritual journey within. For it is only when this knowledge is integrated and practised on self that it becomes wisdom.

This course is intense and will both stimulate the higher and lower nature within you, the personality identities known as 'filters'. In the West this is often referred to as shadow, unhealthy feminine, unhealthy masculine. It is impossible to embody more light without first seeing and understanding the darkness, our wounded self. When we first embark on a spiritual path, it is likened to walking into a dark room at night, we cannot see anything but we can feel and have an idea where everything is in that room, however when we turn the light switch on, we can 'see' everything, all dualities and this is the PATH of Tantra.

Sometimes when too much stimulation occurs simultaneously the lower nature personality can be faced with all old addictions, patterns, core beliefs, fears and all of the lower nature behaviour coming to the surface. It is surfacing for the very reason simply to open the doorway of our blind spots and change the course of patterns, wounding and in some cases Karma. Very often I see this energy at play in many clients on a sexual nature. When two partners merge together in the sex act and if one partner has say for example a very open heart chakra and the other partner does not, the energy exchange between the hearts will transfer down into the lower chakra's of the partner whose heart centre is not fully open simply because they are unable at this stage in their soul evolution to assimilate so much light through the heart, this will then lead to excess energy moving and bouncing back down into the lower chakras creating an over amplified solar plexus and base chakra and this in turn becomes DESIRE and enhances more of the 'animalistic sexual nature'. The West is rampant with this type of sexual desire. The authentic path of Tantra is the awakening and unfolding of the higher chakras to assimilate more divine light consciousness into the higher centres; this is the true meaning of 'Sacred Union'.

There are "two major spiritual crisis points" in a persons incarnation, when and how this occurs is for many reasons.  As stated above, spiritual stimulation can be one reason and if the person cannot move through the crisis with steadfastness and truly own their shadow, their personality will always take the path of least resistance "the easy path" moving back into a familiar comfit zone.  This is a common phenomenon, not only in human consciousness but also in those seeking the Divine.

This training program is a gift for all seekers of authentic Tantra, not just on a physical sexual sense that has come to be the belief of the West but a deep internal process of healing, loving and integrating all facets and duality of the human nature back into the soul consciousness of the spiritual nature. It is important that each and every aspirant, seeker of the light learn harmlessness during this process to recognise the personality at play and not turn and project this wounded energy outwardly to others deliberately with intent to hurt another, but to work on attaining higher levels of insight, awareness and devotion of love through the heart.

Tantra is an incredible journey, there is no beginning there is no end. For it is eternal. If you are ready to be challenged, if you are ready to be awakened, if you are ready to be willing to see yourself deeper than ever before, then this training could be for you.

I feel blessed and honoured to be able to share my own expansive journey, knowledge and wisdom of Tantra with you. 

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